About In One's Element

Established in 1998 in Prescott, Arizona by Jennifer Spiroff, and joined by Jennifer's daughter Myia, our goal is to help others create well-being on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels through classes and one-on-one energetic development.

Jennifer Spiroff

After receiving her A.S. with honors from Kirtland Community College in Roscommon, MI with a Major in Massage and Energy Therapy, Jennifer worked as a medical massage, deep tissue, and  energy movement therapist. Inspired by nutritional well-being, she was led to obtain her B.S. in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health where she graduated with highest honors. She then obtained her Teaching Certificate with Sumit's Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ, and received her teaching certification for Reiki Master Teaching from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.


With over 23 years of experience and over 3500 educational hours in the holistic health community, Jennifer's hands-on experience and life path bring an unparalleled passion and understanding to her work with students and clients.

Myia Spiroff

"I was fortunate to be exposed to energy and energy healing early on in life. Because my mom was encouraging and taught me to embrace life openly, it stayed with me."


At 19 Myia left home, starting with a job in Alaska. She then traveled to Italy, Costa Rica, Belize, and Guatemala, and called the Colorado Rockies home for three years. During this time she experienced self-healing and synchronicities that inspired her to return to her home state of Arizona and pursue a formal education in healing modalities.

Myia received her Reiki Master Teacher Certification in Usui Shamanic Reiki with Sound Healing studies from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.  She went on to receive her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate which included a focus in past-life and age regression therapy, NLP, and tapping (EFT) from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Using her lifelong knowledge and experience, Myia's goal is to assist others with their growth, healing, and self-knowledge on how to align with their true, expansive selves and capabilities.


Energy Healing


Energy medicine works to activate our personal power and natural healing abilities. As we work with the energetic patterns that have been created throughout our lives (or multiple lives) and clear out blockages, we bring pure life force energy of light and love into our field.


Energy healing is like a jumper cable for our energetic body, and because our whole system is interconnected, it can help with physical discomfort, mental strain, and spiritual or emotional challenges. Likewise, Hypnotherapy helps us to access our neural pathways, subconscious beliefs, and connect to our higher self. They both bring deeper knowledge into the light and fix links between the physical, mental, and energetic systems.

By understanding the frequencies within and all around us, and bringing our base level of being into a space of connection to our higher self, the earth, and the universe, we can change our whole experience of life.


Are there stuck feelings inside your body, mind, or emotions that seem resistant to change? Are you simply looking for something more out of your health, well-being, and aliveness?


The more we consciously activate the network of energy and wisdom within, the stronger, clearer, and more easily we allow energy to flow. This creates the environment needed for our reality to begin to rewire itself on both the physical level (cellular, genetic, brain pathways) and metaphysical (life path trajectory, karmic, manifestation). We do not "do" healing for others, but we work with your energy to help open the system to be able to receive and transform where needed. As individuals, we are the ones who hold the keys to our own healing, and it begins by making the choice to heal, and choosing it moment by moment.

Scientifically speaking... ALL things are made out of frequency - vibrations that move at certain speeds - and all vibrations are communicating with each other, like drops of water in an ocean. Everything we feel, see, hear, know, and do not know, is interconnected in a network of knowledge that we can only perceive through the senses we are given. Through practice, balance, and an open mind, we can open ourselves and our senses to more. We can create new energy patterns by simply noticing our patterns and creating something new. This is how we begin to change our energetic signature, our vibrational reverb. What we ask for, or rather, what we emit will be responded to in likeness. This is why we not only are what we eat, but why we become the people we surround ourselves with - it's all about what we allow in, and how we respond to our environment. We are the thoughts, the feelings, and vibrations we both create and simultaneously allow ourselves to hold within.


The more conscious we are of the energy patterns within and around us, the more expansive and transformative our lives become.

~In One's Element~