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Helping others achieve their highest, most natural state of being through physical and metaphysical healing.

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 We believe being "in one's element" is   a comfortable and personal state of   being...your higher state of living is also   a natural state - it should feel like being   at home with yourself.

Wherever you are 

on your journey, and whatever challenges you face, In One's Element is here to help clients and students connect with their higher self, the earth, and the universe. Through these connections, In One's Element believes anything is attainable.

We utilize a deep knowledge of energy work, hypnotherapy, and an array of unique tools to help give subtle, yet profound healing experiences.


Those seeking something more from health, happiness, and well-being find In One's Element to help them catalyze their journey or get to the "next level".

Jennifer Spiroff and her daughter Myia have over four decades of experience in energy healing and well-being. Based out of Goodyear, Arizona, they proudly serve the Phoenix Valley, northern AZ - and now the worldwide community - in one-on-one and group healing, growth, and education.

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"I went in to this whole new experience as a serious, serious, skeptic. I think having God involved in my sessions allowed me to be more open. However as a skeptic, I can say I walked out of my first session 2.5 months ago thinking there is something to it. Jennifer has been wonderful and so personable. You walk out feeling better because she is caring and supportive."


-Lisa T.

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10% off one-on-one Energy Healing Mentorships when paid in full!

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