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Your higher state of being is your most natural state of being; a feeling of being "at home" in yourself and the world.

Are you or someone you know experiencing a lack of balance in the following areas?


  • Lacking a sense of direction or motivation; feeling blocked

  • Overstressed, anxious, or depressed

  • Chronic illness or pain

  • Feeling out of connection with yourself, others, or sense of higher purpose

Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever challenges you face, energy medicine, hypnosis, and integrative healing practices can activate one's:

  • Personal power, clarity, and easement of stress

  • Innate and natural healing and processing

  • Releasement of old energetic patterns creating disharmony 

  • Higher energetic resonance with life

  • Peace, balance, and well-being throughout the whole system

For, whether you know it or not, you are always working with energy. The more conscious you become of this process, the more you will see and understand yourself, others, and the world around you. Contact us today to schedule a session.


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About Us


One's Element consists of Jennifer and her daughter Myia; mother and daughter work with a rich array of modalities and techniques such as Shamanic Reiki & Energy Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Frequency and Sound Healing (and much more). Based in Goodyear, AZ, they serve much of Arizona in-person as well as offer distant services to the worldwide community. Their goal is to assist those seeking something more from their approach to health and happiness and to help further catalyze them on their journey.

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