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In One's Element

Energy medicine for individual growth and balance on all levels.

In One's Element Reiki Energy Healing Hypnotherapy Guided Imagery Arizona Wellness

  Our higher state of being is our most natural state of being; it's a sense of being "at home" physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

No matter who you are, and what or where you come from... we believe that healing and self-fulfillment are innate and natural abilities within all of us - abilities that only need to be nurtured.


In One's Element helps to catalyze you on your journey and bring the power of the healing and personal transformation into your own hands.

We use techniques such as:

Energy Healing/Reiki




Sound Healing

Intuitive Guidance

Past Life Regression

Now also offering tinctures & tonics to support physical health.


In sessions we often use multiple modalities to help you integrate the different aspects of yourself and reach your goals.

Reach out for a FREE consultation today to develop a plan to help move you forward on your path.

Reiki I & II Energy Healing Certification Downtown Prescott, AZ


"Be your own healer" and learn ancient and modern techniques for energy healing. Reiki Master Teachers Jennifer and Myia share their decades of experience with energy healing. In this full two-day workshop you will gain the knowledge and practice to confidently work with energy in your own life as well as with others. This workshop certifies you to the level of starting your own practice if you wish to do so.

January 2022 workshop weekend dates to be announced. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay tuned with upcoming events!

tinctures and tonics herbal healing in one's element

Tinctures & Tonics 


Pre-made and made-to-order health supplements to boost the immune system and physical body.

Explore our available tinctures, tonics, & e-books (including how to make your own!) here.

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"I love working with Jennifer and Myia. The meditation series is exactly what I’ve been needing. They are relaxing, compassionate and delivered extremely well. I am excited to continue work with these two."


About In One's Element

We believe that everyone has the power and choice to heal if they only have the knowledge and nudges in the right direction. We believe all healing comes from ourselves, and "healers" are but guides in the process. Our passion is to share the knowledge and tools we have gathered over decades of facilitating growth for those who are being called to deepen and open the experience of their journey. We aim to help others become further empowered on the trajectory of self-fulfillment, purpose, and contentment.


In One's Element was founded in Prescott, AZ in 1998 by Jennifer Spiroff. She started the practice with massage and energy work and over the years expanded to incorporate holistic nutrition, yoga, and frequency healing. Jennifer's daughter Myia brings clinical hypnotherapy, Shamanic Reiki, intuitive readings, and more. In One's Element is now serving the worldwide community through distant and in-person sessions, classes, and mentorships.

Explore sessions offered by Jennifer here.

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