In one's element: in a place or situation where one is comfortable and does well.  - Mirriam-Webster


In One's Element has been involved with holistic alternative health for over 20 years. Starting off with Therapeutic Massage and Nutrition,  we have evolved our practice into Yoga, Reiki, Hypnotherapy,  workshops, and Retreats.

We believe that by tapping into the power of the physical and metaphysical of the human body, anything is attainable.

No matter if you are looking for better health, mindset or lifestyle, In One's Element is here for you, so that you can better achieve your goals. 

Upcoming Events

Do you have cobwebs hanging out in your body, leading to physical ailments that just won’t go? Or are there skeletons in the emotional or mental closet holding you back f...
Spring Cleaning Reiki & Guided Imagery
Starts Mar 14
Everyone has dreams. Ask yourself: What's been on your bucket list for the last decade...or two, or three? What have you been wishing you could do or create but just can'...
Unlocking Dreams Reiki & Guided Imagery
Starts Apr 18
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