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In One's Element

Energy medicine for individual growth and balance on all levels.

In One's Element Reiki Energy Healing Hypnotherapy Guided Imagery Arizona Wellness

 ❝ Our higher state of being is our most natural state of being; it's a sense of being "at home" physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. ❞

Our passion is helping others get on the healing path or catalyze them in the path of discovery they are already on. We integrate the teaching of healing practices along with personal sessions to bring the power of balance and healing into the hands of our clients and students.

We at In One's Element believe that we ALL can use energy to heal and be healed: we believe that it's an innate ability that only needs to be nurtured.

We work with clients and students both in-person and virtually, in one-on-one settings and in private groups and classes.

Book with us online or give us a call or text today.

Jennifer - (928) 925-0519

Myia - (480) 686-1464

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"Jennifer has a wonderful talent and gift when it comes to massage and reiki. Her remote reiki skills have helped to balance my body and mind both emotionally and physically. I suggest her for both in person and remote healing experiences."

- Crystal M.

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Who We Are


In One's Element consists of Jennifer and Myia Spiroff, mother and daughter practitioners with lifelong passions for finding balance with-in and with-out. Based out of Prescott, Arizona, our goal is to give unique experiences to those seeking a different approach to health and happiness. We guide our students and clients towards overall balance of the whole system and a greater knowledge of self-healing.