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Tinctures Tonics

Read our E-books and learn how herbs in the form of tinctures and tonics, or simply alone, provide us with a much-needed health boost, with included instructions how to make your own tinctures and tonics from home.


Don't want to make your own or would like to try before you make? We can do it for you. Purchase the tonics we have available for order or contact us to order a tonic for a certain health condition.

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**Note: Herbs, tinctures and tonics should always be kept in dark glasses or out of light, as light affects the overall potency of the product over time.


Tawny Port Whole Body Tonic

E-Book and Tonic

E-Book by Jennifer Spiroff, B.S. Holistic Nutrition

"Tonics are herbs that provide vitamins and minerals, act to balance and stimulate the energy of the organs, and improve assimilation and utilization of not only the vitamins and minerals that the herbs provide, but from foods taken in throughout the day. 


Included in the E-book you will find information on each herb that has been chosen, why it has been selected, the benefits that a port wine has to offer, and how to prepare your own tonic.

Create your own whole body tonic in just a few simple steps."

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Tincture for Environmental Pollution

E-Book and Tincture

E-Book by Jennifer Spiroff, B.S. Holistic Nutrition

"Common everyday pollutants, their effects on our systems, along with herbs and a tincture recipe to help keep your physical body working at its optimum.

Environmental toxins surround us in our day-to-day lives. The ability to completely avoid toxicity is simply not realistic, for they are everywhere. It does not come in individual high dose exposure to a toxin that one may think, but in repeated small exposures over time...I wrote this book specifically to introduce a tincture to help battle the effects of environmental toxins."

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Contact us to purchase this tincture. Please note - this product is made to order - expect two weeks of "brew time" in addition to shipping.