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Reiki Energy Healing

In One’s Element approaches energy healing in a slightly unconventional way. With a foundation of Usui and Transformational Reiki, we infuse each session with specific frequencies, and can offer specifically just tuning fork sessions. Each of our clients is assessed and given a session with an approach that acknowledges their life experiences; how the body, mind, and spirit are reacting presently, and how that client may be holding on to past experiences. Using vibrational healing we help our clients re-establish their connection to the Earth below and the Heavens above to spark their own inner healing process and create better all-around balance.


60 Minute | In-Office $65 | On-Location $100

60 Minute Tuning Fork Session | In-Office $65 | On-Location $100

60 Minute Distance Healing | Receive from anywhere $55

Reiki Massage

60 Minute | In-Office $90 | On-Location $120

90 Minute | In-Office $120 | On-Location $145

2 hour | In-Office $140 | On-Location $170

Reiki for Pets

Animals are very receptive and benefit easily from energy work. Inquire for pricing on larger animals and visitation prices.

30 Minute Distant Pet Reiki | $25

Package of three 30 minute Distant Pet Reiki | $60

Contact Jennifer, Reiki Master Teacher, for scheduling and inquires.


Transformational Hypnotherapy

Do you ever daydream, get lost in a book or a movie, or even go into "the zone" while driving or working, causing you to lose track of time and space? This is the experience of self-hypnosis, and is a natural restorative and creative process that every single person partakes in several times a day.

With the knowledge to navigate these waters and guide clients to their goals, we offer a whole-system approach which works to align the mind, body, and soul, and the subconscious with the conscious. We work to re-grow your connection to your roots and higher self, and activate your natural healing and intuition. All the information you could ever ask for lies in the subconscious and the superconscious, as they are always giving and receiving information from your experiences, but we are generally only conscious of a fraction of this information. Hypnosis helps you deeply relax and let go of the barriers to your inner self.

 Contact me about mobile sessions.

In-Person and Distant Sessions

First-time sessions include a 15-30-minute consultation, done on the phone before the session, or at the time of the session itself, whichever is preferred.

Hypnotherapy - 1 Hour

In-Person $90 | Video Session $75

Hypnotherapy + Reiki Energy Healing - 1 Hour

In-Person $120 | Video Session $90

Manifestation Session - sew the seeds of manifestation into the universe - 1 Hour

In-Person $80 | Video Session $65

Integrative Healing Sessions

An Integrative Healing Session includes two 1-hour sessions of Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Healing, and an Intuitive Reading. The intuitive reading is done prior to the hypno/reiki session so as to gather information on current energies and begin the process of the energy work, finished off with an integrative healing session to remove blocks and promote wholeness.

Intuitive tarot reading session - 1 hour. Reiki/Hypno - 1 hour.

In-Person $150 | Video Call $125

Integrative Healing Package

Catalyze your healing and personal growth with three in-depth healing sessions utilizing hypnotherapy, Reiki, tuning forks and intuitive readings(if chosen) to work with your current energy and give direction and healing to the mind, body, and spirit. These modalities will be mixed and matched to best suit your needs. Includes three 1 hour sessions.

In-Person $375 | Video Sessions $330

Past Life Regression - $180

If you believe you are dealing with energies from past lives that have yet to be worked through, or are looking for insight into who you are and why you are here in this life, this can help you delve into these deeper questions. Because this is an advanced session that requires a clearly-defined goal, as well as some experience with hypnosis, a general hypnotherapy session is required as a pre-requisite. Offered in-person only. 2 hour session.

Contact Myia, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher, for scheduling and inquiries.

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One-On-One Energy Healing Mentorship

*NOW Extra 10% OFF when paid in full*

"Be your own healer."

Learn energy healing through intimate, hands-on workshops with you as the sole student. We teach ancient and universal techniques for healing self and others alongside modern scientific understandings of healing.

Classes are generally broken into 3 to 4-hour blocks of master-to-student instruction including a personal session and practice using techniques. Consecutive full days, full weekends, etc. can be considered per student and teacher schedule.  

Energy Healing Series

  1. Intro to Energy Healing | 4 hrs - $220

  2. Reiki I - Using the first symbols | 6 hrs - $440

  3. Reiki II - Diving further | 6hrs - $440

  4. Stepping out of the Reiki box and into the realm of frequency | 12 hrs -$880

  5. Reiki Master III | 12 hrs - $880

  6. Reiki Master Teacher | 4 hrs - $220

Massage Therapy Energy Healing

For any certified massage therapist looking to combine Energy Healing into their practice, you may add the following classes on to your mentorship.

   7. Massage therapy with energy healing | 9 hours  - $660

Total cost entire program - $2860​

Pay in full and save! Pay in full - $2600


Massage Therapist Energy Healing - $3520

Massage Therapist pay in full - $3200


Contact Jennifer, Reiki Master Teacher, for scheduling and inquiries.

Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Readings

With seven years of experience in tarot reading and a lifetime of reading energy and auras, Myia assesses your situation, delves deep into the energy, and brings forth advice for you to move forward with grace and power. 1 hour sessions.

In-office - $65 | Video Session - $ 55

Contact Myia for scheduling and inquiries.

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Private Groups


Whether you are a company looking to incorporate well-being into the office space, a like-minded group seeking a relaxing and healing experience, or seeking our services for an educational or retreat setting, look no further. We offer a well-rounded experience catered to your needs. Jennifer and Myia use Reiki, Guided Imagery, and Sound Healing to bring balance, energy, and expansion to the group and the individuals within.

Private Guided Imagery & Reiki Sessions at Your Location of Choice

10 Participants or less - $200

For each additional 1-5 participants add $20


Pricing is for the Phoenix Valley only. Contact us for pricing for longer-distance services. Contact Jennifer and Myia for scheduling and inquiries!

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