Lake Cle Elum and the
Beautiful Cascade Mountains


Thursday, September 22nd -


Sunday, September 25th, 2016


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Find your Element with a very relaxing weekend on beautiful Cle Elum Lake. Enjoy yoga, massage, organic exquisite foods, heated pool/hot tub, as well as a footpath leading you down to take a stroll by the lake. Private rooms are available. Space is extremely limited in order to make this not only a peaceful experience for you, but so that our team can give you the individual attention you deserve. 

Weekend Itinerary


Thursday, September 22          


6:00 pm - Check-in

Arrive and be shown to your room. Enjoy a glass of organic wine and delightful appetizers. Perhaps 

relax in the hot tub, take a lap in the heated pool, sit fireside overlooking the lake, or take a stroll as you unwind and take in the surroundings of Cle Elum Lake and the beautiful Cascade Mountains.



Friday, September 23              


7:00 am - Guided Meditation


7:30 am - Breakfast


10:30 am - Yoga all levels


12:30 pm - Interactive Lunch 

Get involved with what you eat as our highly innovative chef guides you through a simple, organic, nutrient dense lunch you will be able to reproduce at home!     


5:30 pm - Dinner


7:45 pm - *Yoga Nidra for Body and Chakras 



Saturday, September 24          


7:00 am - Guided Meditation


7:30 am - Interactive Breakfast


12:00 pm - Lunch


2:30 pm - Yoga: All levels


5:30 pm - Dinner


7:45 pm - Yoga Nidra for Body and Chakras



Sunday, September 25              


7:00 am - Guided Meditation


7:30 am - Farewell Breakfast


10:00 am - Depart back to the real world refreshed and ready for life with a new perspective!


* Take advantage of the Early Bird and recieve an essential oils kit from doTerra!



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Our Accomodations:


  • Private room with single occupancy. 


  • Private room double occupancy for you and a friend/spouse/partner.


*All private rooms come with ability to have your own space, a king sized bed, view of Lake Cle Elum, sliding glass door leading out to the hot tub and pool. 


  • Bunk room - the bunk room has 13 beds. However, In One's Element will fill only 7 of the beds (max), to allow for optimal individual space. The bunk room steps out onto a 'sleeping porch' that overlooks the lake and views the mountains. 


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Our Team


Here at In One's Element it is extremely important for us that your stay, at any of our retreats, is an experience you will cherish, look back on and want to repeat. Our team is carefully chosen and combines professionalism, courteousness and genuity. 


Jennifer Spiroff  is the owner and founder of In One's Element. She started off her practice with in-home massage services over 18 years ago. For many years she went into the homes or workplaces of her clients to give therapeutic massage geared at addressing her client’s musculoskeletal needs. She has also worked alongside chiropractors creating protocols that relieved pain and freed up movement within the body. 


Feeling like she could do more for others in their search of a healthier path, Jennifer obtained her Bachelors in Holistic Nutrition. This allowed her to guide others in food choices for better health and longevity. After experiencing the therapeutic wonders of yoga on and off the mat, she knew the next step in serving others was to become a certified yoga teacher. 


It didn't take her long to realize that the only thing left to do was to bring it all together, creating retreats   where others can "get away from it all" or find their Element. What better than to bring massage, yoga, and healthy nutrition into one place - with the ideal location being Cle Elum Lake and the spectacular Cascade Mountains! 


Jennifer is delighted to guide you through meditation and yoga during your In One's Element retreat.   

Dana Pellegrini is our highly talented and heart-centered licensed massage therapist. She is the former director of the Bellevue Massage School  and adjunct faculty member in Physical Medicine at Bastyr University. Dana is a Reiki Master and proficient in *Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 


With all that said, In One's Element cannot imagine a finer individual to work out your kinks, relieve your muscular stress, and unblock built-up emotional and physical energy. For over 17 years, she has given unconditional love and undivided attention to her clients, assisting them on their path to wholeness.


Dana is very excited to share the gift of Spiritual Aromatherapy as part of your massage, as well as working with you on a custom designed healing-session that supports your highest expression.   


Each retreat participant may choose from the following menu of massage and healing services: 


  • Swedish Massage - The ultimate in relaxation and stress relief, this session will focus on providing a full-body massage through slow, connecting strokes aimed to bring the body into a deep stillness 

  • Treatment Massage - This session will focus on specific areas of pain and/or tightness in the body from imbalanced muscular patterns and alignment challenges. The result will be greater awareness, balance and wholeness 

  • AromaTouch - This clinical approach to essential oil application utilizes certified pure therapeutic-grade oils, together with massage strokes, to provide systemic and whole body support.
    Four areas are addressed: stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic balance.
    Eight oils/blends are used in a certain order, along with particular massage strokes designed to enhance the body’s well-being. 

  • Reiki/Running the Bars/BodyTalk/EFT - This session will provide emotional and spiritual healing, resulting in a deep peace. Aspects of consciousness that are no longer serving one’s highest good are effortlessly released, as a deep peace takes their place. Clients remain fully clothed for this service and lay comfortable face-up the entire session 


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of self-care that draws on various theories of alternative of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  EFT is simple to perform and serves as a profound ability to shift unresourceful patterns      

Lainee Martija adds an upbeat dynamic to the Cle Elum Retreat. She is a personal trainer and yoga teacher, however this weekend she comes to you as your personal chef. Lainee has been cooking healthy meals for clients for the past three years, and has since branched out into a catering business. Her food is packed full of healthy nutrients; for she only cooks with all-natural, organic, fresh and flavorful ingredients that will make you feel satisfied and energized. 


Lainee offers her services as an outlet to help educate others about nutrition. Teaching above and beyond the importance of a healthy diet, she's highly effective at demonstrating that nutritious food can still taste great! With that, she is excited to lead you through two interactive meals during your retreat, showing you ideas for quick and easy preparation for a beneficial breakfast and a healthy lunch that can be packed up and taken with you on the go.   

Lyndsey Bunger - assistant chef, has worked with Lainee in creating flavor-filled nutritious meals for their clients for the past year. She is passionate about creating a well-balanced meal plan that can provide your mind and body with the fuel required to reach your maximum potential.  


Lyndsey loves to motivate and teach people on how to make eating healthy a fun and enjoyable lifestyle. Her encouraging and compassionate personality provides yet another element to our amazing team.  

Myia Spiroff  is our onsite photographer and our go-to girl. Her love for life and freedom, along with a drive to live life to its fullest, brings inspiration to all who encounter her. In One's Element is pleased to have Myia pause from her worldly travels to assist in the needs of our Cle Elum guests. 


Her bright smile, warm energy and dedication to helping others, brings a softness to our retreat that will be cherished and appreciated. Please know that during your stay, if there is anything you may need, Myia is eager to assist.   


See You In Cle Elum!

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