Energy Medicine

Reiki is a form of Japanese healing, and means "universal life force energy", or the energy that is within and all around us. Even long before Reiki, energy healing has been practiced in nearly every culture since the beginning of time. It is rooted not only in the science of the universe, but the power of our consciousness.

During energy healing sessions we use a blend of Usui, Shamanic, and Transformational Reiki in addition to sound healing (tuning forks and/or sound bowls, and frequency music). Sessions are created so that the body, mind, and vital energy is guided towards optimum health.

In session your energy will be assessed with an approach that acknowledges your life experiences and how you are currently reacting to your experiences, and shifting energy patterns towards the naturally balanced state. We help our clients re-establish their connection to the earth, the self, and the universe in order to spark their own inner healing process and create grounded self-awareness.

1 Hour | $125

90 Minutes | $175

2 Hours | $225

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Reiki Massage

This is a powerful combination of energy healing with physical healing that works to create balance on all levels of being.

90 Minutes | $175

2 Hours | $225

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Restorative Yoga & Reiki


Choice of either interactive Yin Yoga (gentle, balancing yoga movements) or Yoga Nidra (guided full body and mind relaxation) combined with a full Reiki energy healing session. This session is designed to help you release blockages that show up in the physical body - as well as in the unseen - and bring overall balance and well-being.

1 Hour, 15 Minutes | $144

Half-Day Healing Session

Total session time without consultation is about 3 1/2 hours plus a 15 to 30-minute break. A few days before the session takes place, we will have a consultation phone call for gaining a sense of your current concerns, history, and intentions for the energy work.

On the day of the healing, we will begin with a relaxing introduction of guided meditation/yoga nidra, where different parts of the body are focused on as the energy centers are opened and the mind and body are brought into balance. This is highly peaceful experience and brings the body into a Theta/Delta state of full natural healing and restoration. From here, the personalized energy work will begin, wherein we will do a complete analysis of the energy within and surrounding the body. Throughout this we will work on creating balance, shifting blockages that or places of resistance that are found, and communicating with your energies to create a higher vibrational experience. During the energy healing, our goal is to bring in the energy that is needed most for you at this time and release anything from the past in your field that is no longer needed. This section lasts for a total of about 2 hours.


We will then take a 15-30 minute break where you will be able to collect your thoughts, journal anything you have observed from your experience so far, and use the restroom. The final section of energy work will then be completed with a guided "grounding and protecting" of your energy fields where you will be taken through the process and learn how to do this for the future. The final section of the session is a discussion of both of our findings during the session where you will also be given tools and suggestions to continue integrating and healing on your path through day-to-day life.

Half-Day Healing Session - $444

Reiki Certifications


To learn how to do energy healing for yourself or others, or as a part of your business practice, please take a look at our One-On-One Certifications and check out our list of upcoming classes & events for public classes. Feel free to contact us to request a class in your area.

Reiki for Pets


Animals respond quickly and are very receptive to energy work. If you have an animal that is in distress or at end-of-life, please reach out.

30 Minute Distant Pet Reiki | $45

1 Hour In-Person Pet Reiki | $100