Vengeance, Get Off My Chest

Body Scanning - 4th Chakra I’m Heart hovering...could spend a year on the heart lol.

Driving while thinking… So if I want Justice, does that make it Vengeance? Even simply thinking, “One day there will be Justice!” as I give my head a nod and wave my fist in the air. Because Justice is impersonal where Vengeance, that’s some powerful personal s%$t there lol. Heavy on the Heart. Deep breath. Justice… Will Justice be served in a way that would make me happy? and I would think “Justice was served”! And if I agree that Justice was indeed doled out and it makes me feel good, well what does that say? Lol. Or, what about the opposite. What if I feel like Justice was NOT served? What then? There would be a pain in the heart for the Injustice under those conditions and then what? I want more vengeance? Lol. Idk...

I do know that all of it sits right smack in the Heart center. Everybody reading take a nice deep breath and think green:)... aaand exhale… Now let’s back up to my blog the other day on Forgiveness. My smart-ass one-hearted example about Forgiveness and giving up “The Story”. Forgiveness can be difficult for a variety of reasons (not just because you’re clinging to your story lol) Forgiveness can be mistaken for weakness. As giving yet another pass. A pass on someone else’s (or your) behavior. Some situations really, really don’t need yet another ‘get out of jail free card’. No more passes. Think yellow for a moment and come into your power, Solar Plexus, breathe yellow and breathe the frequency no more passes. Nope, no passes, and no vengeance lol. Forgiveness is a gentle power, like Morgan Freeman. Forgiveness is moving on. It no longer matters. There is no cord. Justice is given when the person, situation, no longer defines your day, your week, your present situation, your personality and getting in the way of your true self and your true purpose. Who you truly are is love. Who you truly are has no real angst against another soul. There is only compassion and love for yourself and others. Say out loud, “Thank you for this opportunity to forgive. Thank you for this opportunity to feel love and compassion”. See and feel the reason for your circumstances. Breathing, feeling. Feel love, peace, in your heart. Reach up about a foot above your head. Seriously, stick your hand up there. Swirl it around and connect with your Soul Star, your higher self that is in direct contact with the Universe, now swirly in front of your heart, and tap your sternum. Pure love in place of that vengeful fantasy:) Pure light. This weight sitting on your chest, this thing, is no longer going to follow you, your story, defining your day, week, life, YOU. Taking it beyond forgiveness to pure love. Love. Breathe love into your chest. Spread your ribs, lift your clavicles and fill love all the way down into your lower belly. Lay your hands on your chest. Repeat while breathing: I am fully open to giving love. I am fully open to receiving love. I forgive instantly, completely and unconditionally. I forgive myself. I forgive others. I love myself unconditionally. I love others unconditionally. And so it is:)

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