Using Hypnotherapy for Pain Management and Pain Relief

Updated: May 29, 2019

Whether it's pain from chronic conditions, surgery, labor, or otherwise, sometimes, unfortunately, pain management is just a part of being human. Each of us must deal with forms of pain, but it doesn't have to be left at that, at just dealing with it. Pain affects our quality of life, our productivity, our relationships and let me say it again - our quality of life! Did you know that almost one-third of people in the U.S. experience chronic pain? Many of us are prescribed pain medications, while many choose not to take medication or are left to simply deal with it out of necessity. What happens when pain medication isn't a viable option for you, or you choose not to make it a viable option? Medications can be damaging to your liver, kidneys, stomach, and overall health, not to mention the addictive qualities they often carry or the mental clarity we sacrifice by taking them. After all of the side effects, increasingly higher doses are needed as your body adapts and they stop providing relief. Using meds for long-term relief simply isn't realistic.

Want to know something interesting about pain? While women, biologically, are able to withstand greater pain for longer periods than men, for purposes of childbirth(sorry, dudes), everyone's experience of pain is highly individual. Much of it can be traced back to our past experiences or associations with pain and our current state in life. Here are just a few examples:

Ethnic traditions and the size of our family play a role in the intensity of our reaction to pain. Children from smaller families tend to vocalize pain less while children with more siblings tend to be more vocal, possibly due to the need to be louder in order to get attention and care. I suspect that the role you played in your family growing up also has a great deal to do with it - being the eldest child versus the baby of the family or an only child. Our role models also play a big factor. We can acquire methods of dealing with pain, just as we can acquire fears and phobias, by observing some else's reactionary behavior.

How we associate pain greatly affects our experience of it. If you associate it as indicative that a disease you have dealt with is returning, you may tend to experience even greater pain as a result, while if you associate pain with the natural process of rehabilitation, the intensity of that pain is likely to be lessened. A study found that soldiers wounded in battle in World War II needed less medication than civilians with similar wounds. Why? Because they associated pain with returning home!

Our personal outlook also contributes greatly to pain susceptibility. Low motivation, poor self-image, and a dependency on others all are factors in creating a sense of vulnerability, and can directly relate to a relinquish of control and a passivity towards life events. The mindset of being acted upon or towards makes a big difference. When you feel like you are not the creator of your life and the things that happen to you are totally out of your hands, you are less likely to be able to exert control and make mental decisions over your own experience. This is not to say that someone who has the ability to "grin and bear it" necessarily won't feel pain, it is to say that our psychological traits, mental and emotional state, and how we currently deal with external situations all play a tremendous role in how pain is perceived and received.

So how is hypnotherapy the answer to living life more comfortably, with greater relaxation, and greater efficiency? Hypnotherapy teaches us that we can change the way our bodies and minds experience what we are going through.

Hypnotherapy for surgery or dental procedures can can help reduce anxiety and remove any negative feelings about anesthesia or the operation itself. It can also assist in the postoperative period to help one feel more relaxed, experience less pain, and require less drugs. Side effects such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting, can be reduced or eliminated. You will be better able to participate in and accelerate your own healing process, and your sense of well-being and general morale will be heightened.

I'll leave you with a story to help paint the picture of how hypnotherapy and pain reduction go hand in hand:

"Martha, a widow in her mid-50s, needed to return to the work force. She completed her training as a travel agent, purchased her own small agency, and began putting in 12 to 14 hour days. Before long, she was actively involved in the American Society of Travel Agents and was considered one of the most knowledgeable agents in her area. After eight years, Martha was the owner of three agency branches within her county, She was an authority on current travel trends and opportunities and was often consulted by others within the travel business.

Martha was a person driven to top her own accomplishments, and because she was largely responsible for the education of her three college-aged children, she has an added financial burden. All of this was compounded by a recurrent back pain. The harder Martha worked, the more pressure she was under, and the more driven she was to prove herself, the more persistent her pain. Martha's problem had a physiological origin, aggravated by tension and continual stress.

When Martha sought medical attention for her back, surgery was not presented as a viable option. She was given prescriptive drugs, which included pain killers and muscle relaxants. In addition, a series of exercises was recommended. But when Martha tried to treat her pain with drugs, her efficiency level dropped, her mental stamina decreased, and her personality suffered. She decided to try hypnotherapy.

The therapist taught Martha how to manage stress through the regular use of the Relaxation Induction. She used a Specific Pain Control Induction along with the General Pain Control Induction. Martha supplemented her inductions with positive imagery that reflected self-esteem. Within a few weeks, Martha's confidence had increased, and, as a result, her almost frantic drive was reduced. She learned to relax and control the muscles in her back. This reduced her pain and lessened its frequency. At present, she is more mobile, comfortable, and content. Just as important, while still a successful manager, Martha functions effectively without destroying her health in the process."

-Excerpt from Hypnosis for Change, a hypnotherapists' guidebook by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher

For the month of May, In One's Element is offering free first-time hypnotherapy sessions to help get you on track, and create a plan for relief. Used together with healing modalities such as Reiki, the possibilities of transformation and healing in our lives are endless and very accessible.

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