Triggers Everywhere

Thoughts While Vacuuming - Triggers, triggers, everywhere!! The word trigger is used a lot in the healing circle. It looks like it may be a millennial thing. I don’t remember hearing that word on an almost daily basis 20 years ago, even in the healing community. There are a lot of funny memes about it. Most of them I enjoy, some, however, trigger something deep down inside my soul and make me pout! :) I think when most people hear the word trigger they immediately think of a person they don’t necessarily like, or a situation, usually created by another individual, politics - still people, other driver’s, co-workers, ex-lover’s, etc. ect., now don’t get me wrong I look into the mirror with plenty of people and am constantly working to better my reactions to my lessons, yadda, yadda… but you know what really grinds my gears as well? The sound of the bathroom fan, my dog licking his feet, someone eating a banana, and when driving if the 4 yr. old is whining in the backseat, while the person in the passenger seat talks to me, AND the radio is on!?!?!?! OMG!! Someone is goin’ down!

Thankfully MY trigger is an undiagnosed condition called Misophonia. Whew! Since I have a condition, albeit undiagnosed, I don’t necessarily have to take responsibility for how I respond to these little annoying sounds that most people don’t even hear and Those people need to simply have compassion for my condition, unknownst to them, and excuse my behavior when I am triggered by the sound of...well of the clicking pen from the gal sitting next to me at a recent seminar. Just Pen!!!... on or off!!! Geesh!




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