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Today I Invoke Isaiah

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

There is a misconception that because I am a Reiki Master, yoga teacher, massage therapist, holistic nutritionist, that I must live this amazing life free from chaos, drama, challenges, etc... Hahahahaha! Don’t let social media fool you fellow homo-sapiens. The truth is, I like all my peers, am human. I have children, a dog, cat, home, family drama, the whole kit and caboodle. Because I, like everyone, deal with “life in general”, I enjoy opening up my handy dandy little book, The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels. Much like you would open up a world map and put your finger randomly on your next adventure destination, I open up my angel book and invoke whoever shows up. Today, it was Isaiah.

Today I Invoke Isaiah

Isaiah was one of the most renowned prophetic visionaries. He consistently put his faith in the power of the divine. Even though all surrounding him was tumultuous, he remained at peace. Many of his prophecies foretold the coming of the messiah. The messiah referred to by Isaiah is the enlightened being who lives within each person.  He extolled people to follow the path of truth and love and to forsake the path of anger and violence. He believed that people’s spiritual tenacity would set them free. He encouraged others to invite the love of God into their lives and thus be assured of happiness and success. He believed God’s love was available to all who opened their hearts and allowed themselves to be embraced by that all-encompassing love.

Invoke Isaiah into your day today to help you:

*Connect with your own inner wisdom

*Open you heart to true love

*Find real happiness

*Engage the power of faith

*Release fear

Isaiah reminds us that we are our own saviors. You save yourself by finding the answers that lie within your own heart. Asking or expecting someone else to save you is the antithesis of enlightenment. Open your heart, connect to your spirit, and allow God, Source, the Universe to set you free. 

Isaiah loves music and joyful singing, so on those days when you are looking to music to help bring your spirits up, think of Isaiah. Sing loudly with complete abandon, pour out all of your hopes and dreams, and let Isaiah help you to manifest them!

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