Tired of Being Sick? Check Your Heart Chakra

Tired of Being Sick? Look to Your Heart Chakra - It is not unusual for disease to start in the Heart chakra. Divorce, death of a loved one, abuse, abandonment, adultery, on, and on, and on. These are all life crises that are NOT just coincidental to physical dis-ease. If you are sick, look to your heart. Your heart is where intent lies. Pretty powerful stuff. Remember, every single thought and emotion creates a chemical reaction in the brain. Negative thoughts and positive. Also, remember the brain has a hard time noticing if the negative emotions (and thoughts) you are having about something 20 years ago are actually happening now or then. Be careful how much you relive the past. It is imperative to your physical health to forgive and let go. You and your health are more important than bullshit from 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago for that matter. You have a life purpose, and it isn’t to mope over a situation that is in the past and that there is no control over today, in this present moment. Look to your heart on why you are sick, it will tell you. Whether you choose to listen is a whole 'nother blog lol. A little more on the heart...

In this area, the Heart chakra area, the Heart chakra we've all come to know and love is not alone. Big Heart chakra has a little buddy, the 8th chakra. Ascending Heart chakra (some call it the Thymus chakra or the High Heart chakra). Ascending Heart connects your emotions directly with Divine, Universal energy. Tap your sternum and wake it up!! Lol. No really tappity tap in. This Divine energy (because it’s Divine) has no intellect. It is pure energy. It is this energy that your Ascending Heart has direct access to. Pure forgiveness, love, peace, and truth. No strings attached. Take a nice deep breath and inhale all that Divine light right into your chest. Feel your clavicles rise to the heavens as your ribs expand and just breathe! Language also originates from this lovely little energy center:) Don’t just inhale and feel forgiveness and your truth, exhale and Speak it with love, compassion, acceptance, and understanding. Express from the heart. Stick your hand about a foot above your head and swirl it around in your Soul Star chakra. Now tap your sternum. (If I were doing Reiki on you that’s what I would do lol, free lesson;) Look to keep your higher self in direct communication to your heart. Follow your heart for better health. Blue, green, yellow, lilac, bright white, breathe it in. Inhale... exhale... That is all:) Well almost all lol

Heart feeling stuck? Plateaued in healing your heart? We have just the Reiki and/or hypnotherapy session for you:) Hands-on or distant for both Reiki and/or hypno, ... cause we’re awesome that way:) Reach out directly to learn more.

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