The Truth is Out There

I have been workin’ on the 3rd Eye big time lately. Big changes, lots of fears, continually coming back to my heart to make sure I follow it. But the 3rd Eye... The 3rd Eye is truth. Wisdom. Knowing. The hard part? Shutting off the little voice that wants to overthink everything. Just SSSHHHH voice! Dang, it:)

I had posted on my work, In One’s Element, FB page a few weeks ago, a simple meme that said STOP THINKING!!! As with many of my posts and blogs, I guess because of my warm fuzzy way of expressing things, someone had to shout at me that to not think was the wrong way to go about things. Because I am an empath and confrontation is avoided at all costs, I did not say anything at the time, but I will now:) Yes, STOP THINKING!!! Maybe not You, but what about You over there? Do you need a break from thinking? Many people use meditation as a time to continually come back to not thinking. Sometimes when the stress is high, it’s not only during meditation that thinking needs to come to a halt, but while driving, working, cleaning, playing with the kiddos, showering, browsing FB, watching Netflix…. you get the idea. Sometimes the best way to allow the 3rd Eye to do its job is to simply step the brain out of the way. The part of the brain that has a hard time with illusion vs. reality. The part of the brain that will allow fear to lead the way. Sshh the mind. Be still. Breathe into your heart. Know that the Universe is always moving, working, creating. You are always moving, working, creating. Know that you, the real whole energetic you… (Only about 10% of you is in this current body of which you call physical, reality, substance. The rest of you is out ‘there’.) You love You with all your heart and You will not lead You astray. Sit still. Be silent. You have all the information about the Universe that you need. Sometimes not thinking is the best way to hear yourself. Hear you, calm down, know and see the truth. Feel the truth. It is full of love and peace for that is what you truly are. Remember that The Truth Is Out There and You have constant access to it:) Believe in it so that it can work and create for you in the way that you would like in this simple feeble physical form:) You are the Power. You are the puppetmaster.

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