The Seat of the Soul

In the still, quiet of the mornings, you can hear it, if you listen. It calls to you, a whisper so soft that the words are felt rather than heard. Sometimes, it's a tambourine, clanging inside your eardrum, impossible to ignore. It's a peaceful knowing, lighting the path before you. However it comes to you, the choice to listen or ignore this guidance is yours. This guidance from the divine comes in many forms. Whether it is your guide(s) whispering to you, or your higher-self clanging that tambourine, our spiritual being has access to supreme wisdom through what is known as the Soul Star, or the seat of the soul. The first of the transpersonal chakras, a powerful source of discernment is stored in this chakra. We are constantly accessing this energy center through choices we make, mostly on an unconscious level. When we listen to this guidance, beautiful things happen, even when we aren't aware of it.

The genuine smile you gave to a complete stranger? That may have saved their life that day. Pausing in your morning routine simply to be in the moment because it felt right? Those two minutes put you in the right place to avoid an accident on your morning commute. Moving across the country for no other reason than you having a deep knowledge that it's the right thing to do? That is you listening to the divine energy from the Soul Star Chakra. Sometimes, we hear an actual voice in our minds eye, telling us the correct path or answer. Other times, it is simply a deep seeded feeling, full of peace, that directs our decision. These unconscious guiding forces travel to our crown chakra, giving us the grace to choose whether we accept the information or not.

When we choose to ignore this guidance, the impact is felt, seen, and heard with every sense we possess. There is a duality that exists in ignoring the intuition that comes from the Soul Star; you find yourself in situations that you weren't meant to be in and you are betraying your higher self putting your heart at war towards yourself and others. I have no better illustration to give other than one from my own personal journey. Several years ago, we stumbled upon a religious organization. Within about six months, my higher self was screaming that we needed to walk away from it. This deep knowing was ignored, put to rest by the "logic" those around me convinced me to be the truth. The choice to stay effected not just my life, but the lives of everyone around me. I stopped trusting my higher self; I forced that energy to become stagnant and hardened my heart towards everyone, including myself. This type of a situation can happen with jobs, relationships, even what lawn mower you buy.

The exquisite nature of the Soul Star chakra is it's ability to move us past our burdensome choices, even after they are made. The more we give to it, the more we receive back. This guiding force never stops trying to send us messages. When we respond with love, compassion, and trust, the voice becomes clearer and we receive that energy back ten-fold. We also begin to realize how inter-connected we truly are with the rest of the world. We begin to see people rather than inconveniences or obstacles to overcome. Peace resides here, flowing down into the rest of the chakras, helping to achieve true balance.

In Tarot, the Star card represents hope, faith, purpose, renewal, and spirituality. Often times, this card appears when we have completed a specific "puzzle" in our life, feeling washed in peace. It is a place of beginning a deeper, more fulfilled journey in our walk. When we think about the Soul Star chakra, we find these same meanings. Our journey is never done. There are always ways to live a more fulfilled life. Walking in the divine light of the Soul Star is only one way of accomplishing the deeper meaning we all look towards.

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