The Responsible Communicator

Communication comes in many forms, especially in the 21st century where technological platforms are on the rise. We see more and more interactions happening via the internet, text messaging and the all famous emojis. We see more people using these platforms to speak their truths. For some, this has been very empowering. Blogging has become a favored profession for moms because of the freedom it allows them. Mental illness is losing it's stigma. Survivors have a plethora of online communities to connect with. It's a wonderful way to build a different kind of village. On the reverse side of that coin are those who use these platforms irresponsibly. The protection of speaking from behind a screen allows for hatred masked as personal opinion to spread like wildfire.

Mastering the art of speaking your personal truth requires great responsibility. When we speak from a place of love and compassion, tact is a natural byproduct. As with everything in life, there are appropriate times and places to share our thoughts. The natural sharing of opinions is a beautiful thing. It is necessary for the formation of our thoughts and interests. The power that comes from sharing our own truths releases pressure on the heart chakra, allowing us to truly let go of those things we need to. It is when the filter between the discourse of the mind and the mouth is lost, that we see the hate. We see the loss of caring whether or not our words have a negative impact on someone else. We see the loss of self-control that then turns to self-destruction turned on others.

Vishuddha, or the throat chakra, is the energy center that controls the ability to communicate effectively. It is considered the "bottleneck" of energy flow because it connects the lower, physical chakras to the higher self-chakras. It is also the connection to spirit and the etheric body. Balance in the throat chakra brings the ability to speak personal truths and the knowledge of when it's appropriate to share those thoughts. Our propensity to create and align our vision with reality are also controlled by this energy center. Balance of the other chakras below are where our personal truths are found. The throat chakra simply gives us the ability to communicate them.

Blocked energy flow, or an overabundance of energy, disrupts this balance. The following are traits of both:

When working to restore balance, all of the standard wellness routines such as yoga, meditation, the use of essential oils, and Reiki are all appropriate routes to consider. The best practice one can take when learning to gain balance or remain balanced is to ask these questions:

  1. Is there truth in what I am about to say?

  2. Is what I am about to say necessary?

  3. Is what I am about to say coming from a place of love and compassion?

Using these questions as a guide increases your awareness and allows you to take true responsibility for the words you express. Whether speaking verbally or in the written form, we have the power to build up or tear down. Communication of this kind isn't just limited to our outward expressions to others; it encompasses how we speak to ourselves as well. Learning to communicate in this way enriches our lives exponentially. It deepens relationships and creates an atmosphere of respect with acquaintances or strangers while still allowing a person to stay true to themselves. Living authentically is a journey. Learning to communicate responsibly is just part of that journey.

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