The Earth Star Chakra

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The bliss that comes from feeling the grass beneath your fee for the first time in spring is second only to the warm rays of sunshine that cascade down that same time of year. It's an emotional experience, especially when you live in an area that is covered by snow all winter. There is a carnal connection with Mother Earth in that moment, a renewal of body and spirit. Time seems to stop in that moment as gratitude fills every fiber of your being. The intimate connection we feel is a combination of two minor chakras, one in each foot, and the first subpersonal chakra located outside of the physical body. This chakra is known as the Earth Star chakra, or simply, the Earth Chakra.

The term grounded is typically used in reference to the root chakra. The Earth chakra intensifies our grounding, taking it from a physical, ego based type of grounding to a spiritual grounding. Think of it as the trunk of a tree versus the roots. Our root chakra is the trunk, grounding us to the surface. The Earth Chakra is the roots, spreading far and wide to give stability to the entire system. It is an anchor for us in a sometimes chaotic world. It is also a space in which negative energy leaves the body. For this reason, it is a common chakra for energy healers to tap into.

The Earth chakra connects the etheric body to the physical world, allowing the soul to take flight. The security that is derived from balance in this energy center gives a feeling of deep connection not just with Mother Earth, but all those around us. Inherent strengths and gifts are enhanced by this chakra and accompany a feeling of security in our decisions and environment. Peace of mind flows freely through our essence when the Earth chakra is balanced.

When we don't allow negative energy to flow out through this energy center, becoming easily upset over minor matters or having an adverse reaction to everything becomes the status quo. The soul feels easily burdened; release from the daily grind of life doesn't come easily. This feeling of being off balance is not limited strictly to an emotional state. Physically being off balance or bouts of vertigo can also occur when the Earth chakra is imbalanced.

For many, the focus of achieving balance is centered around the seven main chakras, leaving the Earth chakra completely inactivated. To begin utilizing the strengths this chakra provides, meditation, with or without crystals or essential oils, is the best place to start. As you begin to open up to this chakra, it's not uncommon to discover that an imbalance is already locked firmly in place. Reiki healing is instrumental in helping clear these blockages, allowing the natural energy flow to return.

The true grounding that comes from a balanced Earth Star chakra allows for a life to be fully lived. When we are this deeply rooted in life, empowerment is a natural bi-product; it's the ability to stand tall and face adversity rather than cower away from it. Until a tree's roots die, it continues to grow and draw strength from the Earth. We, too, have this ability if we choose to utilize it.

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