The Adjectives of Self

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I've always said that "mom" isn't my name. It's an adjective that describes part of who I am, part of any woman, because "mom" is not the sum total of who I am. The same can be said for any title given to anyone: artist, writer, CEO, project manager, dad, aunt, brother...the list is endless. No singular word can sum up the life that is in us all. These adjectives are used to describe bits and peaces of who we are, the inner-self, revealed to the outside world one bit at a time. These snap shots of who we are constantly evolve, characteristics coming and going as we walk along our life's path. We are never complete, but we are always whole.

Manipura, or lustrous gem, cascades a beautiful, bright yellow light when balanced. It radiates warmth, allows us to connect on a truly spiritual level with others, and is the source of our inner warrior. Also known as the solar plexus chakra, Manipura houses our self-confidence, energy of transformation, and much of our inner-self. This is also where part of our intuition comes from. When we describe having a "gut feeling," this is the solar plexus chakra at work.

The depth of this chakra is almost like having another foundation within the foundation of the root chakra. Imbalances in either of these has a profound affect on the other. While the root chakra deals with our emotional state surrounding our physical environment, the solar plexus chakra houses our emotions surrounding the self. Connecting these two is the sacral chakra, which is the area that allows us to actually process these emotions. As discussed in "You and Your Chakras," everything flows up from the root chakra, building precept upon precept. These three chakras are an exceptional example of how balance in the chakras builds a truly meaningful life.

Looking at what constitutes as deficient or excessive energy flows from the Manipura helps change the direction of one's life path. A balanced solar plexus chakra allows a person to make quick decisions, trust their intuition, and take responsibility in all areas of their life. Below is a quick reference guide for what a balanced, deficient, and excessive chakra looks like.

When trying to determine if healing of this chakra is needed, understand that as humans, our states are always changing. Our lives are static and fluid. Fleeting negative emotions, momentary self-doubt, or difficulty making a life changing decision doesn't necessarily mean that there is an imbalance. They can lead to imbalances when not addressed properly, but the ebb and flow of our beliefs around the inner-self are meant to be ever changing. Persistent negative emotions towards the self, traumatic experiences at any age, and unwavering behaviors that effect daily life are where we see the imbalances. It's okay to question how you look before a big event. It's okay to take your time deciding if changing jobs is the right decision. It's good to question your beliefs and change them if they don't line up with how you want to see yourself or your future. Without change, there are no butterflies.

When a true imbalance exists, there are several steps that can be taken to regain harmony. Counseling with a licensed therapist, yoga, meditation, daily affirmations, Reiki...they all have the potential to be effective. The number one reason so many continue to walk around with a Manipura imbalance is their lack of desire to actually achieve balance. A person needs to be open to healing, changing, and re-thinking who they believe they are in order to regain stability. They need to be willing to put aside many of their adjectives and find news ones to hold on to. Working with the self is no easy task. Breaking any habit takes time, perseverance, and a deep seeded desire to become a better you.

The most important thing to remember about the solar plexus chakra is that it gives a person the power to choose. Who do you want to be? What adjectives do you want people to use when describing who you are? Do you want to feel this way forever? Ask yourself questions like this. Let them guide you into balance. Learn from them. There is nothing greater in this world than being surrounded by people who are genuine...except being one of those people, yourself.

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