The 7th and Final Step (Caroline Myss)

The 7th Step to Healing - My Interpretation of Caroline Myss steps from Anatomy of the Spirit (uncorrected proof version)

The 7th and final step. 

It’s so simple, so why is it so hard? I am certainly not one to pretend that these steps are easy. I am after all human with daily challenges and changes hurled at me just like my neighbor, and my neighbor’s neighbor. My gift is that I feel frequencies and can channel pure energy, like a filter I can recycle your yuck energy, I can NOT walk on water, I can NOT levitate, I cry, and I love wine:) Back to it not being easy tho it should be… one of my favorite quotes out of this book is “Heaven is not a complicated realm” Simplify your spirituality and remember

Divine is not limited by time, space, and physical concerns. (I think this is the hardest to grasp.)

All circumstances can be changed in an instant (Divine)

All illnesses can be healed (Divine)

Change is constant. Ya gotta go with the flow.

Never look to another to make you happy. 

There is a purpose behind every situation, challenge, relationship

Positive energy works more effectively than negative

Live in the moment


Focusing on positive and living in our truth… those two things alone contain enough power for the Divine to influence our biological systems and the direction of our lives. Allow the Divine, Universal energy to work for you. It is there. It is easy to access and easy to use. Close your eyes and take a big inhale through your nostrils, eyes, ears, and the crown/top of your head. Allow the Divine to flow into the top of your head. Think white. Feel the frequencies of joy, peace, and truth.

That’s all I got for you on Caroline’s steps to healing. That’s all she wrote. Lol. If you want to look back on the other steps I have managed to get them up on my blog page:)

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