• Jennifer Spiroff

Summertime Sniffles

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Got the summertime sniffles? Colds, flu, dis-ease can come from the Root Chakra being imbalanced. Many times when we are feeling different from the rest, a sense of not belonging, not noticed in the crowd, tribe, work environment, needing to conform, etc. our bodies do an amazing thing. With help from an out of whack 1st Chakra it will a fear based thing.. it will take action by stealing from this vital energy center and latch onto bacteria and viruses that are socially acceptable. The body will allow a commonality with others. The unconscious thinking behind that is if I come down with a socially acceptable disease then I too will be accepted and noticed. Little fears equal little illnesses. The larger the need for acceptance the larger the dis-ease can be.. cancer, aids, etc. Times of sniffles means a time for Root Chakra affirmations.

  1. I am always safe.

  2. I love my body.

  3. My home is safe and secure.

  4. I have many assets and my safety needs are always taken care of.

  5. I am grounded.

  6. I am financially secure.

  7. My future is financially secure.

  8. I am abundant.

  9. Money flows to me.

  10. The universe will always provide for me.

  11. I am always supported and shown the next steps to take.

  12. Life loves me and I love being here.

  13. I claim my energetic footprint.

  14. It is my birthright to receive support in all forms.

  15. I claim good health.

  16. I claim a healthy body.

  17. I claim abundance.

  18. My needs are always met.

  19. I am anchored and connected to Mother Earth.

  20. I am a divine being of light, and I am safe, protected and secure.

One thing that can positively effect the immune system are binaural beats or brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is basically the brain’s electrical response to audio. When the brain receives a sensory stimulus, it adjusts to its frequency gradually, from helping our minds to relax or sleep with slower frequencies, to boosting the immune system and relieving the common cold to helping eradicate autoimmune diseases.. Below is an example of binaural beats for the common cold. So close your office door (and lock it:) read through the affirmations and allow your body to settle in for a little self healing.


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