Sorry Sacral, There's More to You Than Sex

Body/Energy Center Scanning - Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra, one of my least favorite. And just so ya’ll know it has nothing to do with sex. At least my issues with this particular energy center do not revolve around sex. Don’t let the mainstream fool you. This chakra is so much more than the sex center. Through sex, we create miniature versions of ourselves. It is the creation center. It is also the center of the thing I dislike the most to talk about which is Guilt and Shame. Yes, those two rascally rabbits like to hang out here in the field of Sacral. And who joins them out on that grassy knoll? Why it’s Addiction (aww, so cute) along with Power and Control. I wondered where they were hiding. Is sex important? Ok. Monks seem to live a long, long time without it. You know what’s important other than issues with Guilt, Shame, Addiction, Power (money) Control, is honoring the relationship/s you are in. Do you need a divorce? Maybe. Do you need a new batch of friends? Maybe. You can still move on to different people and relationships and do so honorably. So, if you’ve been dishonorable with any of your relationships (shame, shame - ah what a coinkidink!!) those gotta be healed, even if it’s just within yourself. Quit hauling around the ick of past relationships. 

Physical indications one of the above mentioned are messing with your physical body:

Chronic low back pain

Issues with the hips


Sex organ issues

Pelvic problems

Bladder/urinary tract stuff (frequent UTI’s)

One way that you can tell if you are struggling in this area (any area really) is if you ignore it altogether. Do you skip on with a glance over the shoulder, a little “meh, I’m good”. Well, you may want to linger just a little and see if anything needs to get cleaned out. 

With this chakra, thoughts of orange. Orange breath. Movement. Flow. Body, mind, energy is all flowing, interconnecting and working with each other. Breathe in and draw orange into your belly-button. Exhale, push it out through the belly. Think of this area as expanding, growing, balancing, flourishing. Feel the emotion of all is well. Life cannot be better. Create that frequency. Even if you just had the crappiest day ever. Create the frequency that all is well. Remember what it is like to have All Well and feel it:)

Like usual a little reminder that we here at In One’s Element make our living off of helping others to heal their energy. If you would like a little nudge on your path of healing, give us a shout. We do hands-on and distant Reiki healing. We are here to help. It’s what we do:)

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