Root Down Deep - Earth Chakra

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Mainstream everything has introduced most people to the chakra system. Even if it’s just a little bit, the majority of the U.S. has heard of the chakras and may have an idea of what they are and their connection to energy somehow, someway. What mainstream does not talk about are the “other” chakras. For there are many, not just the 7 that go from tailbone to the crown of your head. Your Earth Chakra or some call it Earth Star, sits approximately 12 inches below your feet and literally connects into the Earth. Part of us comes from the heavens, part from the Earth. Our roots, our history, our DNA, very Earthly:) For we are by genius design and merely just a part of this big electron called Earth. And just like the trees, bees, snails, whales the more grounded we are to our home in this physical realm, the greater health we have in body, mind, and spirit.

Also referred to as the “super root,” Earth chakra’s main job is rooting and anchoring the entire chakra system, especially the seven main chakras deep into the ground. A well-anchored individual means a more grounded, stable, and general overall happy healthy person. Connecting with Earth can spark a sense of being a part of something larger than self which is beneficial for self-awareness, clear thinking, and easier access to Presence in day to day life. When this particular chakra is “out of tune” one can feel anxious and out of touch with self and all.

Connection to Earth is something that happens unconsciously or consciously. No matter what, you are connected. Always. And this connectedness spreads out far and wide. All of humanity. Watch what you think for because after humanity comes everything else. The vast field of All That Is.

So, how are you contributing? Are you conscious or unconscious? Are you grounded, stable, steady in your truth, and contributing to all with that of wholeness and love? It’s hard. I know, lol, trust me. I am human. Livin’ life. Raising kids, job, relationships… We all need to come back to center from time to time. You have the opportunity to come to center with us on June 12th in Goodyear, AZ as we connect to Earth through Energy Healing and Guided Imagery.

Earth Chakra - Energy Healing and Guided Imagery is the start of a new chakra series. With Earth, we will anchor down deep and prepare to climb the ladder toward our higher self all while coming into close communion with the healing and sacred energy of the Earth and its magnetic pole.

June 12th at 7pm in Goodyear, AZ. Connect to your Earth. Follow the link to learn more:)

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