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Updated: May 9, 2019

The definition, according to Merriam-Webster for In One's Element is ' in a place or situation where one is comfortable and does well'. So I ask you, when do you feel in your Element? Is your Element a place physically, mentally, or emotionally? Maybe a mixture of all the above. My personal Element usually consists of a retreat into the mountains with no children (sorry offspring), pull in frequencies of the Earth, do some self-Reiki and meditation. It is in a space where I do not have to take care of anyone but myself. I am not doing, fixing, thinking, feeling...just being. When I have the opportunity to simply sit in nature and just be, I am in my Element.

Finding One's Element is different for everyone. Kinda the same, but little tweaks here and there make it different and unique. The important part is finding it. Sometimes Element is hiding or has gone MIA and after a while, we start walking around in search of Element. Wandering in an overwhelmed manner and sometimes in a state of disparity. Just remember, when/if you have gotten to this point it's time to take matters into your own hands and create Element for yourself. Understanding that it's right in front of you. Others and Stuff can cloud the way but remember, You are the most important person in your world. Not your kids, spouse, employees/boss, pets...YOU! If you are not happy, what kind of mother, partner, employee/leader, pet owner are you? There comes a time when no one wants to be around you because the search for Element has been so ongoing, that now you're just a pain in the... All those things that are so important can start to unravel. If things are unraveling, the time is now, step into your Element. Just, eeny, meeny, miny, moe and pick something. If what you have picked is nice, but it's not Element, that's ok. I can guarantee that you ARE on your path. The deer in the headlights look you have been walking around with will start to soften. The more you soften your face the more your pineal gland will open the more clarity you will have and there within, lies Element. Clarity brings peace to you and to all that surrounds you. Back to all about You, my example: All about Me because really, it's all about Me. Helping you helps Me. It's what makes ME feel good when I get up in the morning and put My work hat on. Basically, I help others to help themselves because it makes Me feel good about Myself, which in turn the others feel good about themselves, in effect, All who surround them, and on and on, and on until it gets back to Me). Gratify and embrace your clarity, then watch it grow.

In One's Element - Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

Restorative yoga and Reiki at the Reiki House! Thursdays, 10am. No experience is necessary. Restorative is a very passive yoga practice that takes place all down on the mat. Each pose is held for about 5 minutes while being supported with blocks and bolsters. Each participant will receive individual Reiki during their practice. Space is extremely limited, preregistration is required. $15. Directions to the Reiki House at McDowell and Recker are given after pre-registration.

Reiki and Meditation Chakra Series Sacral May 17th, 2019 7pm at the Reiki House. Join us in the second in a seven-session healing series based on the seven chakras. During this session, we will be focusing on the sacral chakra. The Sanskrit name translates to “one's own dwelling”. The sacral chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. We will explore this energy center using guided imagery and meditative visualization. Each participant will also receive individual Reiki healing to release and restore their own sacral energy. The sacral chakra is our grounding center where our sense of emotional stability, security, family, ancestry, and our personal connection with Earth reside. This is only one session of a series; not all sessions are required to join. Pre-registration is required. Address will be sent after registration is complete.

Summer Solstice Celebration Campout Retreat. June 21st-23rd, 2019. Find your Element on this very primitive camping retreat an hour north of Prescott, AZ. Experience joy, prosperity, and release as we celebrate the summer solstice. During your time you will partake in bonfires, meditation, yoga, play with rock grids, and sewing the seed for new growth in life.

Call of the Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona retreat. August 8th-11th, 2019. Find your Element. Release, reconnect and empower yourself on an extended weekend in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona.

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