Release Your Story and Forgive

Body Scanning - 4th Chakra the Heart. Have you forgiven today?

Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold on here a moment. You mean I need to forgive? But, but, that’s my story! How can I let go of my story? Without my story who am I? If I forgive how will I use all the emotional drama I’ve been through to bond with others? If I forgive how will I suck the energy out of others when I reveal and relive over and over again the emotional turmoil that describes me down to my very soul? You mean that is not my very soul? All the pain? That isn’t who I really am? And if I forgive and send love and understanding to the one I swear is/was simply out to demonize and destroy me that I will be able to cut the cord and move on to better life experiences? Wait. We come back to my story. What will be my story if I let go? I mean I've been building and nurturing my story for years! You want me to let it go? What would be left? That’s pretty scarey. Hmmm, let me think it over and get back to you.

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