Reiki Healing for the Vaccine Injured

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

With all the recent vaccination chaos in the media about vaccines and April 22-28th designated as Infant Immunization Week (National), we at In One's Element are recognizing those who have truly been injured by inoculations. We realize the controversy and respect those who believe in vaccinating, but we also respect those who lives have been disrupted after taking the undeniable risk to vaccinate. A big argument about vaccines revolves around the MMR vaccine and autism, but for those who do not know, there are many possible side effects related to the different vaccines that are being administered. This month, In One's Element is offering a 25% discount on all Reiki healing sessions for those who are 12 and older and for those under 12 we have a special, very low cost for those parents who would like to give Reiki healing a try for their little one. (Contact directly for more information)

This blog is in no way a debate about vaccine safety. Everybody has their own opinions on the matter. Most conversations that I have seen on social media leads down a road of hate and anger. In One's Element comes from a place of Love. We are simply acknowledging that people have had complications with vaccines and we at IOE are here to offer our services, such as Reiki healing at a super reduced cost to see if it brings some relief to the struggle.

Please check our website for Reiki healing session availability and for those with little people reach out through our contact form for availability and cost.



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