Reiki and Guided Imagery in 3-5 Minutes

Myia and I have 3-5 minutes to explain to 100+ people what we do,... a class for a certain company... My part takes 4.5 minutes if I move through it fast. How do you explain Reiki and Guided Imagery in 3-5 minutes? I think we are going to go over... hopefully, there is no buzzer lol.

My part in a nutshell...

Through Reiki, we move energy. We move energy in the body. We get the energetic juices flowing so to speak. We connect you with the Earth and Heaven above. Through using frequencies, don’t ask how right now, different workshop, we are able to move, expand, and balance the energy in your body and immediate space and allow an opportunity for you, your higher self and the part that is most definitely connected to the Earth and all the Universe to cleanse and to become more aware of how you live your life, how your body feels, and give yourself the opportunity to improve how you live your life to the fullest!!!

But... Should I go through the fact that the nucleus once thought to be a solid has been proven by science to be highly condensed energy vibrating at such a high rate of speed it only appears solid? That seems important to me...

What about the fact that every thought you have creates an instantaneous hormonal/chemical reaction in your brain and therefore your entire body. Every single thought. This is where metaphysical becomes physical. Not only that but your body also remembers every thought, every emotion you have ever had. EVER. We remember it all... the good and the bad. Coming back to the scientific fact that we are energy. We are not solid. We are energy…

This means that with every thought comes an energetic reaction in the body as well because we are energy. The hormone, nucleus, broken down is energy. With every thought, there is a chemical and therefore energetical reaction in the body… this seems important to me too...

And what about how the body, each and every individual cell, each little cell planet, remembers, stores and adapts as well as possible. Certain patterns are created by mumbling every Tuesday morning that you are the only one who takes the garbage to the street… But maybe it’s something else, more self-destructive. The matter (pun intended) is that no matter what it’s self-destructive, it’s not natural, it doesn’t follow the heart and that chemical and energetical reaction created by a single repeating thought, “People drive like shit”, gets stored, usually in one certain part of the body, maybe the heart, liver, brain, maybe all the mentioned and disease is sparked. This also seems very important... oh dear, the time...

There will be plenty of time:)

Reiki Healing



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