“Please Stop Pleasing Others” - A Message From My Energy Centers

I was brought up in a restaurant. Anyone who has been in business knows the golden rule to customer service “The customer is always right”. I don’t know if I took this too literal growing up, but not only the customer, Everyone gets the treatment that they are always right. Whether They are right or not, (it’s all, ya know... relative) as long as I can remember, I have always tried to smoothe things out, be the balancer, make Others happy.

As life has been happening, I have been looking, and what I see is a huge dread that comes over me when Others tell me how I have disappointed them. Something I did that made them feel negative in some sort of way. Because of me, Others are not happy. And even tho I don’t care, apparently, I do, because the dread is there, like a rock in my diaphragm. So, I am now standing up tall (at the diaphragm) and putting a conscious effort to create some distance between myself and the Others who have been unfortunate enough to have had Me disappoint Them, lol. I can no longer walk through My life pleasing the next “customer”. Because as we all know, the customer is NOT always right! Dangit! :) And because of who I am, (on the inside an OCD freak:) I think about every step I take. From how I clean and organize my laundry to my interactions with Others. I’m an empath. Yep, I sure am. I feel it all. And because I am an empath and a clairsentient, you don’t even have to say you are disappointed in Me. I can feel it. I feel it from half a world away. I don’t know if it’s Me getting older, or just plain tired that I no longer give a crap if Others are disappointed in Me. I do My best, pretty much all the time. If My best is not good enough, to the point that Another is texting or emailing about how much I have let them down, then They just need to walk the other way. My hand is up, and I no longer have time to live up to Others' expectations or worry if how I already walk on eggshells (lol) is soft enough.

The effects in My body of trying to please Others are too much of a chore for Me to keep up. My Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakra centers are withering away. I can’t breathe. I don’t breathe. My gut, skin, posture, My brain, Me… We simply don’t have the energy to give anymore.

Do You also have an overabundance to make Others happy? Lol. This is yellow. (More Yellow!!!) So much lies within yellow lol. Take some nice deep breaths. Lye your hands on your upper belly and deep breathe yellow. Repeat. I am worthy. I am powerful. I am confident. I am Free. I am Yellow! Yay, Yellow!! Throw in some orange and green... That is all:)

And for SEO's, and my website girls sake Reiki, hands-on and distant. Oh, and hypnotherapy:)

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