Pick Up Your Trash

This is my "please pick up not only your trash but others trash as well" picture. I have picked up so much garbage out of the forest, beach, desert... A few weekends ago at the Pinal Mtns., James and I picked up a kitchen-sized garbage bag of trash generations long. For generations trash had sat right off the road and trailhead to Icehouse Canyon trail... it was pretty disappointing. We picked up cans too rusted to tell, cans from back in the early 80's?? the Pepsi can had a pull tab that was tear-shaped, and newer Vienna Sausage can's, as well as glass and styrofoam...

It would be so nice to be able to take my 4 yr. old out into nature and not pick up trash. We have been to some pretty remote areas and it seems we are always able to pick up somebody's garbage. I'm sure the people who visit after us appreciate it:)

Back to the picture. James and I hiked at Lower Devil's Canyon yesterday, outside of Superior, AZ. You have to have a 4x4 and some courage to get back in there. We picked up a Safeway bag of trash on our hike. (That's what James, the 4 yr. old carries in his backpack, other people's trash. I guess that's one way to teach a lesson lol!) The hair tie - I picked it up today on the trail. It was trash. This morning, 5:15 am, I needed a hair tie on my way into yoga. Scouring the parking lot and sidewalk... nothing. I was thinking to myself how easy it is to find a hair tie in AZ and was a little disappointed that I didn't find one... everyone puts their hair up... Now here I am out in the middle of nowhere, there's garbage on the ground, it's a hair tie!! Well, I didn't need one then, so I put it on my wrist. Now I'm home and guess what? I need a hair tie. I got one on my wrist.

Been out all day on the trail. I'm going to put my hair up, have some tea out of Mama's cow cup. Maybe have a piece of bacon jerky that we picked up today at Circle K heading to hike, all the teas Myia and I have bought and how each tea box has a story of some sort behind it, our assorted vitamins and the coffee pot and grinder waiting for morning:)

Moral of the story: Pick up your trash people!! and the trash that does not belong to you. Just pick it up. For James' sake.

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