Pesky Little Heart;)

The Heart can be a little hard to hold... We can all use a little Heart help at some time or another.

True Form, Who You Really Are, sits in the Heart chakra. Take away True Form for a moment and let’s look at the heart crap that is normal to get caught up in, that bleeding heart rabbit hole we all tend to fall down at one time or another. Broken heart, grief, despair, depression, sadness, etc., etc., hang out in the Heart. The just mentioned is more of a left-side imbalance of the Heart chakra. Yes, there are differences between left and right, yin/yang, masculine/feminine aspects of all the chakras… Right-side imbalance of the Heart you may be wondering? … doing too much for others and not enough for self. This makes sense especially how this right-side imbalance can shoot down directly into the right side of the Solar Plexus helping to create anger and resentment, (for these two beauties tend to wallow in the right-side Solar Plexus directly over the liver) For when one is constantly doing for others and begins to feel that no one cares or reciprocates it can be easy to start to feel a little used, annoyed, bitter, angry… “Sigh”... the heart can be a little tricky.

Emotions are very real and extremely important. ALL emotions are important and should be felt!! (No stuffing emotions:) Apparently, there are beings lining up for their shot to incarnate as humans just so that they can experience emotion. Sit back and imagine for a moment that you begged for this existence just so that you could experience emotion… Crazy, right?? Like you mean there is the possibility that you signed up for this thing called the ‘Human Existence’? Well, uh, yeah… So feel. Experience. Feel and be thankful you can be love, be sad, be joy, be grief… We are here to experience and feel!!

However, if you are constantly in sadness, grief, turmoil of any kind, maybe it’s constantly taking care of others and seem to always put yourself on the shelf, physical issues will undoubtedly arise. Emotions that involve pain, are definite real emotions that need to be felt, we asked to feel them and they should be felt, but we should not linger. No lingering, no-no. Lingering negative, dense emotions in the Heart center can and eventually will lead to disease. What disease? Idk, it depends. Depends on You and how You stuff and where you store the emotions that You are trying to avoid or maybe relive (I say re-live because we tend to relive emotions connected to memories over, and over, and over again. Where do You physically store “things”? If you sit back and think about it I’m sure you could tell me, because you know. You know why you hurt, why you are sick, etc., etc... For we know more than we give ourselves credit for.

Fact is, you’ve got to move on from the scenarios that You have chosen to experience on this trip around the sun. Take care of You and may I say You do not take care of You by staying in a rut. Feel, experience, and move on.

I’m the annoying one who is constantly reminding Others that every thought, every emotion, Every Single One, creates a hormonal and chemical reaction in the body. Coming back to your grief, sadness, bitterness towards an ex or a boss,... what thoughts do you keep coming back to and instilling, insisting, a certain emotion/reaction? Who are you serving by having this reaction? Who wins? As Carolyn Myss would say, “you’d better watch what you think for, you just might get it (physically in the form of heart disease, low back pain, diabetes, etc). As the Pleiadians would say “Hee hee, haha, feel and move on dear ones, for you are a light-being and your purpose is not to sit and wallow in misery.”

It’s Heart month at In One’s Element! Heart Chakra - Reiki and Guided Imagery October 30th and 7pm in Goodyear, AZ. We have one or two spots left, so register now, save your spot, and come work on your Heart:)

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