Peace From Within

Folding Laundry Thoughts - Peace comes from within, do not seek it without. Does that seem corny to you? You can let me know, it’s ok to speak up:) I have it on my Facebook In One’s Element page somewhere visible, it was also recently taken off of my website, as I have Others running that for me in a larger sense. It was expressed by some that the quote, supposedly by Budda himself lol, is corny. As I folded laundry today and tried to keep the 4 yr olds bathwater contained in my bathroom, I thought of that quote. I replaced peace with healing. From within is where healing comes from. Sometimes the physical body is included with healing but, not always. Sometimes you have some disease that will take your life at a younger age than you may have expected, and it has nothing to do with you, but everyone who surrounds you, maybe just one person who surrounds you for 2 minutes in a quick conversation at the checkout line in Walgreens while you pick up your immunosuppressant drugs;). Remember, it’s not necessarily the experience, but your reaction to the experience.




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