Over 40? Get Over Your Childhood for Root Chakra's Sake

Body Scanning - Root Chakra

Looking to your body, energy, sanity, to see where you are leaking energy so to speak, where there may be energy cords reaching out and beyond, feeding something that does not serve your higher purpose. We start at the base, the Root chakra. Tip of the tailbone. (In utero, we begin growing at the base:) The root is the most physical and most connected to the Earth where we are planted, grounded, survival, cave-man qualities along with our connectedness from which we came, our lineage. This red Root area can be very dense and heavy at times. Our identities often get stuck in the legs and feet. The Root chakra pertains physically to our:

Physical body support

Base of Spine

Legs, bones



Immune system

Healing this area - Ok, so it really is pretty simple, even tho it’s hard:) Your Root as described above is your family. If you haven’t gotten over your childhood, and you’re over 40, it’s time. Be grateful your parents had you in the first place, thank God for your siblings and move on with grace and gratitude. Embrace your life and the opportunities that you have because of your parents, grandparents, etc. and your upbringing. You are who you are because of them and it’s all perfect. There are no coincidences. The family of which you came is not by accident. Your life is not by accident. Stop blaming and be thankful. Forgive. Stop leaking your precious Root energy all over old memories, old emotions and anything else that is prohibiting you from moving on, prohibiting you from healing. Live with grace, forgive and be thankful. Stop using your identity and your story as a crutch to stay in the same old cycle. Indications you may need to work on your Root:

Physical Imbalances of the Root -

Chronic lower back pain


Varicose veins

Rectal tumors/cancer


Immune-related disorders

Mental/Emotional Root -

Safety and Security

Ability to provide for life’s necessities

Ability to stand up for oneself

Feeling at home

Emotional support

Viewing family of origin in a negative way heavily depletes a great deal of power from the energy system, because it’s not natural. It goes against higher truth and friggin messes up the Root chakra, all the organs that lie around the Root and can bring forth a sense of instability with a slue of other messed

up emotions and crap you really don’t want to have to lug around for the rest of your life.

So, Body-Scan. Once a day check in on this energy center. If you have issues of physical disease, send that energy center lots of red. Intention is love. Love to yourself and to your family. Repeating in your mind, or out loud:) My bones are strong. My muscles are strong. I am alive. I am grateful. I forgive. I trust. I let go of fear. I am secure. I am successful. I am safe. I flow.

We here at In One's Element can help anyone get on the energy healing track. We offer in-person and distance Reiki. Reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help.

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