Ouch! My Poor Emoting Heart

I had someone get offended by the title of one of my blogs a few weeks ago. It was obvious he did not read the blog, just the headline. I don’t think he understands my sense of humor or that reeling people in on titles can work! Anyways, he emoted all over my comment bar. His problem was that he felt I thought people should not talk about their problems. Please talk, just don’t dwell. Dwelling is not healing. Your heart needs you to move on. Keep moving up the chakra ladder. Don’t get stuck so much in your heart story that you can’t function, can’t move on, can’t heal… most disease arises out of the heart. The heart knows and when you don’t follow it, when you don't honor your heart, for example, by forgiving, a multitude of disease can set in.

Quite simply, when your heart is so broken and confused and you don’t mend it, disease inevitably will settle. So knock it off!! Lol, sorry easily offended. We all do or have done it. Held onto a grudge or a story. Don’t beat yourself up over it and add it as a new chapter to the book you have already written. Mental health issues are on the rise. I would beg to differ that it isn’t mental health, but heart health. People in every direction are there to hold our hands and let us spew over and over again our story. Depression and anxiety have been marked as normal, is it normal or just common? It’s a great money maker, that’s for sure. If I made my money off of keeping people’s wounds hovering right below the surface, give ‘em a pill or a joint to ease the pain for a few hours, I would term it as normal too and keep ‘em comin’ back for more:)

Heart feeling stuck? Plateaued in healing your heart? We have just the Reiki and/or hypnotherapy session for you:)

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