Old Dog New Tricks, Convenient Myth.

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Body Scanning - 5th Chakra - I can’t change. I’m too old. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That is all by choice. 5th chakra. You can’t change? Lol, why not? Oh, because you are choosing not to (when it comes down to it). You are too old to change... You are too old to change... It might be good for your physical, mental, and emotional health, but the work that would have to go into that particular change is way too exhausting and outweighs the benefit. Lol, know that I am being a smart-ass. Change is hard, esp the unexpected type. But regardless, it doesn’t matter, all the excuses, because it all comes down to your will. Your choice. Your Heart, your Ascending Heart, which is in direct communication with the Divine, tells you what you need to do. Do you choose to follow The Divine, The Universe, the Real You? Following who you truly are comes from the throat. What are you doing with that physical emotional sensation handed down from above via the heart? Are you going to choose to follow Divine Light? Will you choose the Real You, the Higher Self that you are? Because you are the Higher Self and the more you fight against it you, the more you mess with your neck, just sayin’ lol. (As well as anything in the neck area, teeth, gums, esophagus, thyroid, etc., all that neck/throat physical area...

As mentioned in my Heart blog from a few days ago, Tired of Being Sick for the sake of your overall health follow your heart, the 2nd most important chakra for your overall health is to express, express through your Throat chakra. Expressing does not mean just talking, but your entire attitude. Reaction to eeeevvrything, How you choose to react. How will (no pun intended) you choose to move through life regardless of the circumstances surrounding you? How much is the life of Others going to affect your life? Choose wisely. Your health depends on it. How do express yourself to your family, to the checkout girl at the store, do you paint/journal/create music, do you speak your truth, do you vocally stand up for yourself? All of that is expression. Expression of the Heart:)

Let’s all express a little blue. Breathe blue. Feel blue. Blue sky, blue ocean. Now stand up tall at your Solar Plexus, (diaphragm) yellow and inhale. Stick your chest out and bring yellow up into your chest. Exhale through your sternum/Heart and maybe tap it. Open your Throat, inhale blue through your Throat chakra and expand your ribcage and chest. Exhale through your sternum, your Heart. Relax your shoulders. Stand tall, Relax. Breathe. That is all:)

If you are interested in getting a jump start into any of your chakras, my long-distance Reiki can be extremely effective. If you are in the Arizona area lol, and would like a hands-on Reiki session, let me know. The work can be very profound, so be ready lol. Be ready to go with the flow:) We also offer on-location and long-distance hypnotherapy if you are in need of a little reprogramming:)

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