Not Sick. Unhappy.

Thoughts while working… When one does not flow through life... allows Unhappy to steer, physical symptoms eventually occur. We are capable of living long, healthy lives. Our bodies are well equipped... Many different theories include but are not limited to suggest that we are here in this physical realm to have experiences, karma debt, to serve, maybe no reason at all (God forbid! lol)… In simplest terms, it doesn’t matter why we are here, we are… While we are here, we are definitely “experiencing”(or are we? lol). Regardless of why we are here experiencing “it”, a.k.a. life, (or not:) I think we can all agree that when one goes through “it”(life) with Unhappy, life is more difficult, our bodies start to send us signals that Unhappiness has settled in and made a cup of tea(or more like a whiskey on the rocks:) ... Unhappiness can come in the form of anxiety, depression, cardiovascular issues, immune issues(and all that surrounds it, lol)… pick a body part, Unhappiness is more than happy(pun intended) to inflict issues while on a covert operation of obligation, fear, etc...

Some would say that an uncomfortable(dis-eased) body is the last resort of Higher Self trying to kick us in the rear to boot Unhappy off the couch and out the door. In today’s world, we ignore Higher Self and take a drug to mask Unhappiness’ symptoms. People go out of their way to travel to General Practitioner in search of a physical symptom of Unhappiness. Blood and hormone tests, stress tests on the heart, ultrasounds, x-rays, MRI's. Sometimes their journey leads to a path that Unhappiness chiseled out of the mountain of Physical Self and lands them in the Cave of Diagnosis. Whew!!

Times is hard(reference from the 1986 movie Crossroads (featuring the Karate Kid and great cameo from Steve Vai) used often in our home lol) Times is hard and a whole ‘nother, many nother blogs if I were to go down that rabbit hole. Unhappiness is canvassing many. Don’t let it stay. Boot it out. We’re all struggling. Help each other. Seek help. Communicate. If not now, when. If not you, who? Need help? Call us. (Texting gets the quickest results;)

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