New Year, New You

Self-care, new work our routines, new diet fads...they are plastered everywhere right now! We all see them. We all want to incorporate them into our lives. And yet we are quickly approaching the time of the month where our New Year's resolutions are already slowly but surely falling to the back burner. Humans are creatures of habit. It is far easier to stay stuck in the same daily grind than it is to break free. That reason alone is why so many New Year's resolutions fall to the wayside as quickly as they do.

For most of us, the past energies that we hold in our body and spirit - the subconscious if you will - are what really hold us back. Our mind says, "Yes! Let's do this!" Our past failures, disappointments, and negative experiences are, unfortunately, more ingrained in us than the mind's desire. These negative influences stick to us with a wad of duck tape a mile thick. The added pressures from jobs, kids, this God-awful social influence to be perfect in every way...Is it really a surprise that positive life changes feel impossible to make? The thought process of, "I've failed before," or, "I'll never be as good as such and such," all stop us before we really begin.

It is often said in the holistic communities that we receive back what we put into the universe. Regardless of a person's religion, there is an allusion to what is called the universal, or life force energy that is used in Reiki healing. To some, it's the Yin and Yang. For other's, it's Jesus. It's the tree of life, the water flowing through a mountain stream; it's love in it's simplest form. It doesn't matter what one calls it, nor how they identify with it. The idea that there is an energy directing us, flowing through us, is in everything. It's tangible. It can be felt on a deep level whether we are actually open to it or not. So often, this universal energy is why we end up feeling stuck. Our minds drive us and push us forward, while the negative on the subconscious level tell us to stop, pull back, it's not safe! The universe is being given mixed signals. The positive energy counterbalances the negative energy and stagnation occurs. Other times, the negative completely overwhelms the system leading to a host of added stress and illnesses.

Reiki healing taps into all these different energy plains on a deeper level than most are able to achieve on their own. They posses the knowledge to expel, balance and heal a person from the inside out. This amazing restoration of body and soul has the ability to shift every aspect of a persons life. Not just how they feel, but how other's perceive them, how they respond to the world and situations; it is a tangible change that is felt by all. Maintaining this amazing balance leads to the manifestation of our goals. The mind's "Yes! Let's do this!" also becomes the soul's. This synergy is what allows for all those positive changes to be made. What New Year's resolutions do you feel are slipping? How can bringing this synergy to your life help you actually accomplish those goals, instead?

Let 2019 be the year that a new you is born.

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