Mature Up - The Solar Plexus Requires It

Almost like a bad joke, the solar plexus is most dominant during puberty. So your first chakra resonates to your group, tribe. The second chakra is how you relate to other people, the flow of power between self and others. The third is personal power in relation to the external world. The ego, self-esteem, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, etc. No wonder our teenagers are crazy! We are supposed to mature up the scale of the chakra system, but I would contest that many don’t. I think there are a lot of poor souls out there stuck in this swirly yellow power center. I know I can be.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered if you were liked, loved, on the right life path, 2nd guessing, looked to others to decide. The decision thing, let’s circle back to healing the body - group (societal) thought as to what you should eat, how you should exercise, drugs or vitamins to take in order to heal. Not only group thought on what You need to do to heal, but societal thoughts on how long it will take to heal...or not heal. You got cancer? Well, society says with that particular cancer you have 5 years to live or 3 months. Society gives you a grieving chart if a loved one happens to die of cancer, how long it will take to heal, if your heart will ever heal, and all the steps you have to go through before you heal. Get what I’m saying?

You’re told at a very young age to be an individual, be different, as long as it fits into certain parameters. Pre-teen years set in. You start wanting to not follow the rules and rebellion begins as you begin to individualize and all hell breaks loose as parents try to keep their minds from exploding. At 17, family, teachers, society telling you you have to go to college, you have to make something of yourself. Anxiety, depression, powerlessness over your own life as you creep into adulthood, looking to others opinions as to what you should do moving forward. Some people can break out of all that, depending on their support system and their personality, others struggle sometimes for life.

Allowing others to decide your fate instead of following your gut, your power, is something you have to put in your past. Reclaim your power and do what feels right for you, screw everyone else. What if you’ve only got one life to live? What if this is it? Are you going to spend it making other people happy, not following your gut, your dreams, because someone somewhere at sometime said it was a bad idea? So what if it’s a bad idea. It’s your life! Lift yourself up mid-spine, breathe deep into your diaphragm, stick your chest out, relax your shoulders. Repeat often. Know that you are strong. You are supported. You have all the power you need. Breathe in the Universe. Breathe in the power and the energy that is available to you, available to all. It's impossible to run out of this resource. Use it! Use it to your benefit.  

In One's Element helps others mature up their energy centers through Reiki and Hypnotherapy. If you are in need of a little energy assistance, give us a shout:)

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