Masking? Start Doing This!

A few months ago we moved from one side of the Phoenix valley to the other. We were a little worried about our kitty Gerald who is an inside/outside monster of a feline and being new to the neighborhood, we decided to collar him for a little bit so our new neighbors would know that he belonged to somebody as he explored his new surroundings. About a week into our new home we began to notice his normal annoying wakeup cat-calling at 4 am to let us know he was back from hunting, began to have a different pitch. We checked his collar making sure it was very loose and non-restrictive. Another week went by. He began to sound more and more like he had laryngitis. I took off the collar. Within a week his cat-calling was back to normal.

The point being his collar was not restrictive to his physical body. His collar was restrictive to his Throat chakra. I realize that many people collar their animals and they don’t have an issue that you can tell, but his kitty freedom was being impinged upon and it became very clear that if we continued with the collar it was going to turn into a physical issue.

Now on to people. The mask thing. This blog is not about the mask debate but rather about how the mask can be restrictive, just as the collar was for Gerald, to your energetical being and eventually, sooner or later, quite possibly to your physical being. If you are masking regularly whether it be at work or taking an hour-long stroll through Walmart, you will want to start addressing your Heart, Throat, and 3rd Eye chakras.

Why? Well, quite simply these energies ARE being stifled. I’m not saying take your mask off, I’m saying that with consistent wear you put yourself at risk for other diseases for the simple fact that these energy centers are being constricted.

Throat chakra. Your expression center. Expressing your True Self. Expressing from your heart. Following from your heart center. People approaching others and screaming at them for not wearing a mask is a perfect example of not following and expressing from the heart, from your True Form. Your True Self does not hate or scream, your True Self is love and compassion. If you are angry that others are not masking, if you are one who has approached someone for not masking, your expression is not in True Form. True form is Christ-like. I like to think, “What would Jesus do?” The Buddha, Gandhi, Krishna, would not yell and scream, nor would they condemn. Take a deep breath and feel in your heart how they would react. Meddle in the moment and really feel understanding, acceptance, and peace. Now inhale and bring that energy up into your Throat.

3rd Eye chakra. This chakra is a little above the mask but is absolutely being affected. 3rd Eye - All-Knowing. This is where your Higher Self comes in and has a direct line down to the Higher Heart chakra. This is where True Form enters your physical being. The metaphysical becomes physical. It is of utter importance to keep energy moving from the 3rd Eye to the Heart. Take a moment, take a breath, and connect into the True You, connect into the Universe. Universal energy has no intellect, no emotion, it is pure energy. White light. The Universe does not care who does and does not mask. Neither should you. If it is right for you, if your Heart and Higher Self tells you to put your mask on then do so, but it is the stifling that is helping the objectivism towards others who choose a different path. Others will continue to live their lives as they do, it is not worth it to your own mental, emotional, and energetical self to have anger and condemnation towards those who feel differently and feel the need to follow what their own selves are telling them. 3rd Eye is also the chakra of paranoia. The more you mask the more paranoia can settle in. The rational mind sits here in this indigo swirly swirl of energy… a mask will stifle this… recognize if rationalization is feeling a little wanky.

Heart chakra. The mask is a bit away from this chakra, but oh my how it is being affected. When the 3rd Eye is being depleted, so is the Heart. Breathe into your Heart and expand this energy center. Remember that Heart is where True Form sits. What would Jesus do? If there is any anger or trepidation sitting in there… well, that is a clue that this center needs some lovin’. Cynicism is Not True Form. “Yeah, buts” is Not True Form. Arguing virtues is Not True Form. True Form is peace, love, understanding, compassion, empathy. If you are having issues during this weird time with any of these for your fellow man, you need to be meditating on the Heart.

In this time of great separation with masks, social distancing, BLM and only God knows what’s next, be strong. Don’t allow others to lead you. Lead yourself. Sit, breathe, in your car, in bed, hovering over a sink full of dirty dishes and expand your energy centers. Inhale through the forehead. Inhale through the throat, and inhale through the center sternum allowing your chest to expand and your clavicles to rise. Catch yourself when you're criticizing others and their choices, and remember that criticism is Not True Form.

Inhale through the nose, exhale and repeat:

I am love.

I am compassion.

I am at peace.

I am truth.

I connect to my higher self.

Everything is exactly as it should be.

I am open.

I am honest.

I listen.

I hear my truth.

I see everything.

I am calm.

I am whole.

And so it is.

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