Manipulator Beware!!

If you manipulate to get your way, know and understand that this is a Solar Plexus issue. Manipulation can wreak havoc on your health leading to issues of the intestines, liver, pancreas, colon, gallbladder, spleen, etc. On the other end, if you are married to, or work with a manipulator know that you need to breathe into your Solar Plexus and not let them steal your power. Stand up to Manipulator and speak your truth. Speak your truth from your Higher Self. Allow your truth to be heard knowing the one who is manipulating is struggling. It’s not you, it’s them lol and they are hurting. Manipulator tends to struggle with inner restlessness and discontent. Manipulation many times comes from feelings of inadequacy and shortcomings. Those who manipulate have a hard time understanding that material wealth and recognition do not bring a lifetime of happiness. They see obstacles everywhere and believe that these obstacles are what’s standing in their way of acceptance and fulfilling their true desires in life. To Manipulator unhappy endings are everywhere unless they control. So be mindful of how you treat these manipulating souls placed strategically on your path. Block them from stealing your own yellow Solar Plexus energy with love and understanding, move about your day and don’t take their control mongering personally. See their presence as an opportunity to grow and express your true self.

If you are interested in getting a jump start into any of your chakras, my long-distance Reiki can be extremely effective. If you are in the Arizona area lol, and would like a hands-on Reiki session, let me know. The work can be very profound, so be ready lol. Be ready to go with the flow:) We also offer on-location and long-distance hypnotherapy if you are in need of a little reprogramming:)

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