Live Your Truth

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Not living your truth really messes with your neck and upper thoracic... just say'in. It's all Heart and Throat (expressing from the heart) chakras.

I have a client who is a very "high up" kind of a guy. We don't talk when I work on him. (Well, I don't talk. He immediately falls asleep, begins unwinding and talks in his sleep while I work.) He feels better so he keeps coming back. I asked him today for the first time about his tattoos. The few thousand people who work under him would probably be surprised that he has any. One of his tattoos is his zodiac sign mixed with the year of the dragon. The other is on his low back. It depicts a dream that he had. A dream that he did not fulfill when he was thinking of slowing his life down. Well, he didn't slow down... and now because he is too busy fulfilling someone else's dream running their show, working for The Man in this big un-named company he has probably one of the worse conditions I have ever seen in my 25 years of working on bodies. His upper thoracic and neck are a mess. I can work and work and work on him, but until he decides to take the plunge in his lost dream, or at least replace it with a new one, he is not going to heal. It is up to him. It is up to him to live his truth.




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