Lacking Significance? Why?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

We recently took a short trip down the swirly swirl of the bright yellow and annoying 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus. But because of my most recent life circumstances, I’m being a little selfish and hanging out on yellow. Some days I think I need to have a bright yellow sun tattooed on my entire body to remind me of yellow, to stand up straight at the diaphragm and breathe!! Today we pause for significance, or lack of it possibly depending on you. Having a purpose, significance… I was recently offended (gasp!) by one of my most favorite YouTube and Facebook personalities JP Sears, (If you scroll down you will find his video) and in his short take on the narcissist. I was expecting something funny. I did not get funny. I got a mirror. The opposite side of narcissist is patheticissist (lol, JP's not mine)). Hovering above both of these victims is significance. Slap in the face!! Yes, it is, thank you JP! Significance, that is steamy yellow power center Solar Plexus! All you co-dependency people and you empaths (yes you too:) sit up tall and take a deep breath from down deep. What is your significance? What is your why? This comes from yellow. If you feel like you are not important, there is no reason, nothing matters, etc., etc., Chances are, going back to my blog the other day on the Solar Plexus chakra and it maturing during puberty, chances are someone, something, somewhere when you were little led you to believe that you were, are insignificant. Your emotions were insignificant. Chances are it was your interpretation right? No one can make you anything. You allow yourself to believe. But hey, you were little and inexperienced in creating your everything and you allowed yourself to believe you don’t matter. Well, you're all grown up now. Time to move on from what the person in your head said a long, long time ago. You know that you do matter. You Do Matter! You are a part of the Universe, a part of the Whole. Without your light things would not be as bright. You have family, friends, and co-workers that very much think you matter. You are loved. You are important. Take a moment and sit back. What’s your why? Your true deep down why that speaks truth. What does it say?

Lay your hands on your belly breath deep of yellow.

I am worthy.

I am confident.

I am powerful.

I am free from power struggles.

I am free from others limitations.

I release judgment of myself.

I release judgement of others.

I am free.

I am deserving.


JP's highly offensive video on Why You are a Perfect Match For a Narcissist :)

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