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I have a new client. A gentleman who recently went through a second brain surgery to remove a recurring brain tumor. This time around the tumor was on the right and left frontal lobe, requiring surgeons to remove brain tissue on both sides. My first visit with him left me very heavy. I cried for a week. Sometimes life catches us by surprise… This is my 3rd brain injury in a matter of weeks… Interesting side note, I happen to be stalling getting 3rd Eye blogs out, as I have been going through a lot myself lately and refusing to think, just be. Just Be… That was the last thing I said to this new client as I was finishing our session.

Brain injuries. Either created internally by tumors, embolisms, etc. or created in a car accident on the way to the store on some idle Tuesday.

Loise Hay would say that a brain tumor is a stuck mindset. Computerized beliefs. Stubborn and refusing to change old belief patterns. Stuck energy in the brain… Funny, try telling that to any stubborn individual!! Ahh too funny... But, when you are someone who can not walk, talk, etc. due to a brain injury when a month before you were a high powered SOB, getting the job done kind of a guy, well all you can do then is to listen and Just Be…

It sucks. But then again does it? It’s not what’s happening, but the reaction to what’s happening. Carolyn Myss would say that you planned your journey before you got here. Even in this scenario. We are all here for a reason. The influence that we have on the people closest to us. The lives of this family have changed forever. Not just his life, but his kids, his wife, even his dog. They are ALL supposed to go through this and some theories say they ALL planned to go through it together, even Fido.

Moving on...

How can Reiki help? Reiki is just frequency. It’s all just energy. The Universe. The Universe is so simple. I love it!! Anywho, I believe every physical situation is a direct result of the frequencies that have been manifested, YOU have manifested in a certain area. Shit gets stored. Every thought creates a hormonal and physical reaction in the body. We store that crap. We store the good stuff too, just a little FYI;) Let me repeat that in a different way… Your body remembers every single thought and emotion that you have ever had. Ever!! If you have the same unhealthy mental routines, frequency routines, it doesn’t matter how well you eat, how many pushups you do, how many yoga challenges… it doesn’t matter, the shit gets stored, good and bad… What matters is how truly you are living your life authentically. An authentic life means to be living in your true form. True form is pure love. Love, joy, acceptance!!!!, peace, following your heart, expressing from your heart and not from your head. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in a certain amount of logic too. As long as the logic comes from the heart. No fear stuck to the logic. Remove ego from the logic. We need our brains, and of course, the 3rd Eye is pretty dang important. Yea, yea, more 3rd Eye blogs to come, lol.

So what’s my job in all of this you may ask? Where do I fit in with this family? With massage techniques, I will keep blood and lymphatic flowing and give loving touch as opposed to forced positioning and hasty maneuvering as he is not mobile on his own right now. My other contribution? I heal energy, or rather move it, balance it, channel it and then the individual takes over from there. For someone like this man, I can release the anxiety of going from someone who has for years told others what to do, to lying in bed having to have everything and everyone take care of him. I can help him to balance his energy and give him strength so that he can accept what is happening without fear. I can help him understand his purpose. I can ease the sadness. I can channel his higher self into his 3rd Eye, Throat and Heart chakras so that he may have healthy epiphanies that can then change the frequency in his home. Tho he may not be able to express his ah-ha moments, it will create an energy shift in the home which in turn will help his wife, children, and Fido cope with the circumstances as they try to understand WTH... I will help to bring calm and to bring peace with Just Being...

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