Is Your Root Chakra Over-Active?

Yes it's a thing. Most people assume that a chakra imbalance means that the spinning ball of energy is blocked, small in size, not giving or receiving, but there is such a thing as any particular chakra spinning out of control and in a hyperactive or over-active mode. When a chakra is overactive, it means that the chakra is distributing too much energy. It is working in overdrive and bringing imbalance not only to the chakra, but body, and to the spirit in general.

1st Chakra/Root Chakra

Your 1st chakra/root chakra is much like the seed of an oak tree. It is the base for our life force energy. While in utero the spinal column develops first from the root up to the crown (crown chakra) and then the organs fill in. At conception, links between our energetic system and the physical world begin, along with what makes you feel connected and grounded, gives you a sense of security and stability, foundation, and basic survival instincts, for the root chakra is our most instinctual chakra right from the start.

As an infant the instinct of:

- "Do I belong here? (Earth, family system)

- Trust/mistrust - Are my needs met? (love, snuggles, food, warmth, and consistency in all of these.)

Personal integrity, self-esteem and sense of belonging, stability, fearlessness, emotional needs of interconnection all starts at birth. This is our most primal, survival chakra and if the basic needs of survival were not met, there may be some root chakra imbalance stemming as early as infancy and would probably be very helpful as an adult to have these issues addressed:)

When the root chakra is under-active, or not open enough an individual may feel insecure or disconnected, money concerns and inability to obtain financial stability may occur, lack of stability in relationships or family may be common, possibly unorganized and inefficient in daily tasks, live in fear, anxious/nervous, lacking stamina.

An overactive root chakra can lead to a person obsessed with money and possessions or health, can have a hard time allowing change or of letting things go, the same old job, routine, patterns may develop. A person with an over-active root chakra is often dependent on others, impulsive, quick to temper, greedy, impatient and annoyed all the time, belligerent, rigid in body and behavior, the slightest provocation can set this person off as they try to control others in their desire to resist change and feed their obsession with feeling secure at all times.

Any chronic issues in the following physical body parts may point to the need for balancing out your root chakra.

adrenal glands



immune system

all reproductive organs



arterial blood that flows in the heart

Root Affirmation - Take a nice deep breath in, exhale and read.

I feel deeply rooted

I am connected to my body

I feel safe and secure

I am grounded, stable, and standing on my own two feet

I trust myself

In One's Element offers a variety of tools to help with balancing out the root chakra and all the above-mentioned issues that can go along with an under/overactive chakra including Reiki, Reiki massage, hypnotherapy, and workshops that include both guided imagery and Reiki. Please reach out to us with any questions you have on any of the modalities that we offer or setting up an appointment.

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