Intuition and Perspective

Intuition - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. "we shall allow our intuition to guide us"

I keep looking out the front window, feeling like someone is watching me. My neighbor approaches and shows me a picture of a guy in a red Kia that has been circling the block. Our roommate says some guy is outside watching her clean out her truck. Something is off…

Homeland Security Investigations TAKES DOWN our neighbor. 30 army men with machine guns in my front yard!!!! (I must say they were very considerate of the landscaping:) Neighbor man was not following his intuition.

Perspective - Verb. put something into perspective. (idiomatic) To compare something with a similar thing to give a clearer, more accurate idea. You can put your worries into perspective when you realize how many people in the world are so much worse off than you.

Watching this single dad cuffed in front of our home, his three little girls... certainly puts things into perspective. Having compassion, not only for his kids but for him. He messed up. Whatever it was. Sitting on the back of a SWAT truck with his children, my guess is he wishes he had A.) Had better intuition that they were on to him like we did lol or B.) Find a different way to support the family.

Having this T.V. drama play out in our front yard on an idle Tuesday morning certainly helped to put things into perspective. Maybe we are here multiple times living multiple lives. Maybe only once. All we know for certain is the here and now. What are you choosing? How are you going to choose to spend the rest of the day? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

That was on a Tuesday. On the following Wednesday, I quit my office job …

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