Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth

My randomness in picking guides never ceases to amaze me! Once again, I have chosen an energy that is much needed for a painful situation. Everything about who I am from zodiac signs to being an empathic energy healer makes me want to avoid conflict, keep balance, inhale pain and the world so that myself and all who surround me can just keep on movin' on. Now that my significant other has passed on, I have no shoulder to cry on, no ear to hear, no brain to bounce things back to me, so I just keep putting things on to the top shelf of avoidance. Well, apparently, it's time to deal with some of these things such as legal matters because that is something that Hestia is great at helping with, as well as assistance in keeping my home a home. A little side note: I must say I am so grateful for my Reiki healing path. I don't know how I would have gotten through the last few months with not only the Reiki frequencies but the frequencies that I pull in from all sources, including those like Hestia.

Hestia is not very well known, seems almost unfair since she is one of the twelve Olympian deities. Sister of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter she is the goddess of hearth and originated the concept of family. (*Big sigh for me). Because the hearth was looked at, in the home as the sacred center, Hestia was believed to dwell in the inner part of every house. She was of the first offering at every meal, for she was the goddess of domestic life and the giver of all domestic happiness and blessings. Because the town center was considered a hearth as well her fire would burn continuously in the center of the city to remind everyone of the importance of home and country. The fire in the home as well as the center of town was never to go out. Because of the whole center of town thing, Hestia became a goddess to pray to when having issues with politics. People would go to the fire in the center and pray for help with the local politics, protection from the government, oust uncaring or corrupt public officials, etc.

In today's world, Hestia's frequency can be called upon in Reiki healings or to help in those same manners mentioned above. She is a very gentle presence that is known to help one connect with the power, wonder, and magic of the mystical realms of the divine universe, so it is said to call upon her before invoking any other angels, guides, deities. Because of her frequency, she is also very helpful in the matters of

  • Resolving matters of the home

  • Solving legal issues

  • Conducting any type of ceremony

It is said that to keep Hestia's frequency in your home at all times to find a little statue of her and tuck her away in your home somewhere.

Relax your jaw, take in a nice deep inhale, and on your exhale read this prayer to Hestia:

Gentle Hestia, sitting at the fire, at the heart of each home.

Bringer of quiet comfort, of belonging, of peace, of a place of love and family, of the strength to hold together against all ill, provider of serenity, I honor you. Hestia, seen in candle glow and soft shadow, I pray to you. Help me to see you in my work, to make our home a refuge from care and distress. Give me competence, efficiency, wisdom; give me quick sharp eyes to see what must be done, give me the will to do it.

Goddess Hestia blessings to you, blessings to my home.

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