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Learning energy - to move it, channel it, and recognize when you’ve stepped into an energy field that does not resonate with you - is possibly the best thing you could do for yourself. Once realizing how easy, simple, and available it all is, you can never go back. Once you know, you will always know and then there simply is no way to not know! You will continue to build on this knowing throughout your life.

You are a vortex of energy if you so choose to activate it. Close your eyes, take a deep inhale and say to yourself “I am a vortex”. Feel it, create it, and BAM! It really is that simple. Imagine how easy it is to create fluidity in your energy field, or fluidity in the field of your kids, spouse, friend, pet, or a potted plant on the back porch.

Of everything I have studied, the thousands of hours of education in massage, nutrition, yoga, and everything in-between, it's the 'everything in-between' that I have always come back to. Every one of my degrees and certifications revolves around energy. The energy of your food, the energy during asanas(yoga), the flow of energy through the musculoskeletal and nervous systems… But is it what you eat, or what you think about what you eat? Is it how you move, or how you think about how you move...is it how you feel, or how you think about how you feel? Every time you have a thought or an emotion you create an instantaneous physical reaction. Every cell of your body feels and is affected all the way down to a vibrational level, of which is then ultimately connected to All That Is including the Earth and on and on and on from there…communicating what you think through these vibrations. Creating your reality. But really, in my opinion, it all comes down to keeping it simple for the best effect. Subtleness is powerful. A frequency is something you create. YOU have the power to create. If you don’t consciously create, you still do, on an unconscious level/subconscious level cause, ya know, life moves on.

Intro to Energy Healing - Who is this class for? Good question! This class is for anyone who is looking for more in their own healing, whether it be body, mind, or looking to connect more with spirit. It’s great for those interested in eventually becoming certified as a Reiki Master, and for those with chronic health conditions or concerns, or who has a loved one with chronic conditions. Learning about energy healing goes a long way in life. It gives you a jump start into understanding how to release anxiety, boost energy flow for immunity, release pain, and release pent up emotions and tension. With everything going on in the world today, we at In One’s Element cannot imagine a better time since starting the company over 20 years ago to take control of your frequency and help you and your loved ones in a non-invasive, subtle, yet profound avenue of healing through energy.

All of our classes are small, creating a unique and intimate learning environment. Pre-registration is required. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at 928-925-0519.


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