Going For a Drive? Ice Down the Solar Plexus

My worst behavior shows when I’m driving. Apparently I am not the only one!

Psychology Today says there are 4 main reasons why people are so stubborn behind the wheel. Shall we take a looksie at those 4 things? :)

Tension - Tension comes at us from a few different directions. If I say tension, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Okay now the second, and for those multitaskers, throw in one more. Now go jump in the car and drive home from work, to the store, or out for a scenic drive. Driving is dangerous and we know it. Whether you’ve been driving for 40 years or 4 days. When driving our heart rate goes up, muscles tense, etc., throw that in with all the other tension on your list and it comes out to the perfect chemical make-up for strong emotions and fighting words as we head out on the road with our fellow man. You’ll want to take some deep Solar Plexus/diaphragm breaths and relax your shoulders. Think yellow, green, and blue and choose to react with compassion to all those other busybodies out there bustling about:)

Goal-blocking - unless you indeed are going out for a scenic drive, and even then, you have a destination in mind. You are heading somewhere and very focused on that somewhere as well as focused on what your ETA will be. The more red lights, jay-walkers, and construction sites, the angrier we become, as the tension rises a little higher... Inhale through the Solar Plexus and tell that yellow fireball to chill out a bit. Exhale through the Throat and choose patience.

Unwritten rules, ah yes, yes, those “No cop no stop” slogans. I drive 9 over, everywhere, at least. How fast do you drive? 5 over? 5 under? And when the person in front, or speeding up from behind doesn't follow our rules but their own, well smoke can sometimes be seen pouring from the ears of some drivers. More of that rascally yellow Solar Plexus. Still breathing in through the Solar Plexus, relax that energy as you exhale through the Throat while you choose to accept that everyone does things in their own way, including driving.

Anonymous Offender - Observing Offenders in this high state of tension and anger can stir up a slew of ”Horrible driver” or “Complete idiot!!” and don’t forget the stereotypes of “they’re too old to drive”, or Asian, or the poor blonde woman who forgets to use her turn signal. It’s easy to judge and be angry at someone you will never actually meet, (unless metal connects…) Breathe yellow, green, and blue and choose to express the Higher Self, choose to react with love to the little old grandma making her way to market:)

Solar Plexus assistance is one of our specialties! Reach out to us today for hands-on or distant Reiki.

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