For You - A Secret to Energy Healing

Life has gotten in the way recently of progression. But, through life getting in the way, progression is now happening. Ring a bell? Sound familiar? Has chaos and uncertainty been a big part of your life? Let me help you, help you and share a little secret about one very important aspect in the process of healing body, mind, and spirit that we can all tap in to. No education of any kind required. Simply put, healing energy for you, for all. 

Let's leap on in! Different frequencies can be tapped into on an energetic level by you quite easily. You can go through all the training as I have, but it is not necessary. Almost 25 years ago my energy healing training began with Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Crainosacral Therapy. It was part of my massage therapy degree. What I was told during training is that "you have to do the training to tap into the healing energies" This is a farce. Don't believe it. Because I, like you, all come from the same matter. We are all Jesus, Gahndi, Ganesha, Buddha, pick one it doesn't matter because we all have the power. You are just as powerful as me young Padawan.

Ok, back to frequencies. By now, with the help of the ever so speeding up of information through technology, most of us know that everything is energy vibrating at different levels. Scientist even discovered that protons, neutrons, and electrons are not solid. They are all different energies vibrating at different levels giving the appearance of being solid, even in the very teeny tiny middle, but they are not. Google it.

Like in New Math, we are going to jump ahead a little bit further. Did you ever read or flip through the water book, The Hidden Messages in Water (you can click and purchase at the bottom of this page:) written by Masaru Emoto? It is a truly fascinating book about how words taped onto the side of a glass of water can influence the water and each individual water crystal. We are made up of how much water? (ahem, 55-60%, but I digress) the book is amazing and I highly recommend scrolling through it. Moving on, what we have here is frequencies with words. Just words, but each one has its own frequency and frequencies cause healing and health in the body or disturbance. Take the word love for example, aww. Love is a word that holds emotion and FREQUENCY. A frequency that can be transferred and moved. Here's another word Success. How about Abundance, Security, Stabilization, Calm, Peace. There is the opposite shadow side of every one of these words, but why go there... Let's keep the frequency light, shall we? Ok, let's keep goin'. I try to keep these reads under 3 minutes to keep your attention...Reiki is also a frequency of energy. When becoming a Reiki Master you learn different Words, those words come with a visual symbol, a meaning, and a frequency. These traditionally are secret frequencies, given only if you spend the money. It's just another frequency. Some of which, I have found, don't work on people. People may not respond to a Reiki word/symbol/frequency but, heal better with a specific word like Relax or bom, bom, bom, a specific angel. Yes, each angel has their own frequency too. A lot of people call on angels or different celestial beings such as Ganesha, Buddha, Jesus, different archangels like Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael, if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, don't be afraid. Because just like any words/things or Reiki symbols, celestial beings have their own frequency and resonate better with some than others, but none-the-less can be tapped into just as easily as the words You Are Safe.

With different frequencies come different results when healing. It all depends on what is needed. There are specific frequencies that your body/soul will tap into for whatever is needed at the time - healing quicker/or slower, finding peace of mind, coming into peace with the situation at hand (end of this physical life).

This unconventional Reiki Master Teacher is here to tell you, you need no training for this healing. Because you come from the almighty whatever, like me Reiki Master Jennifer, frequencies are available to all of us. All you need to do is think about it. Quantum physics 'What the Bleep do We Know' (also found at the bottom of the page for purchase if you so desire. (Highly recommended)), says with every thought there is a hormonal reaction in the brain. Hormonal reactions can create or release/relieve disease. What kind of reaction would you like to have? The reaction of the word Love, Reiki, Archangel Uriel...or their shadow side? To quote Carolyn Myss, "You better watch what you think for, you just might get it". (bottom of page;)

To sum it up, energy healing does not fit into a nice little box. How could it? It's energy and it is literally everywhere. You can't box it. It is here and there. It is the in-between here and there and all spaces. How are you filling your spaces? Is it with words like Quan Yin, Vishnu, Archangel Michael, I Am Happy, I Am Beautiful, I Am Smart or are you taking to the dark side. Remember your training young Padawan, and come into the light. It really is that simple.

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