Feeling a Little Testy?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The heart and solar plexus work very closely with each other. Of course, all the chakras work concurrently with each other, just depending on the thought, experience, emotion, situation chakras will at times work together with more than others. This quick blog comes after a comment on a previous blog Over 40? Get Over Your Childhood for Root Chakra's Sake.

Someone was offended, I believe by the title. Their comments were about how healing takes time and that one of the "problems" in our society is that people are told to "Get Over It". Lol, well yes, get over it. That does not mean stuff it. Move through the wound, move on. Some who are on the healing path, especially those on the life long healing path, meaning those that never really move on from their wounds, but wallow in them while spending thousands of dollars on classes, mediums, Reiki Masters, etc., etc, well, they can sometimes get a little testy and defensive. I am a healer, so don't get me wrong, I have compassion for these people, all people, just I as a healer, can see the truth, and sometimes state what I see bluntly and in my humorous way that doesn't necessarily resonate with all lol, and that's ok. Usually, those people don’t even realize they are doing it (being defensive)and it (defensiveness) happens for a variety of reasons.

- Remember the person in the room who is the most defensive is in the most pain.

Moving on - I talked a few days back in my quick blog on the Solar Plexus, the power center, how we as a society will take Another's word for it. A book, counselor, Dr. Phil,  will say that you have to go through a long healing process in order to heal. That is certainly the choice of whoever, for healing to take forever. It doesn’t have to though. With this specific comment on the Over 40 blog, it had to do with root and getting over your childhood. Chances are this commenter is over 40. I offended through my title and to “get over it”. Actually, if you read the blog it basically talks about changing the frequency of pain from childhood into gratitude. Forgive. Be thankful for life and family and sending red energy into your root energy center and in my smart-ass way saying “Get Over It”! Lol, you gotta read the blog. It’s only a 2-minute read.

So anyways his defensive reaction about being over 40 and still struggling with childhood issues tells me he most likely needs red gratitude for his root, orange to help with the flow of energy between himself and his community, (he may be needing to cut a cord from his family, reprogram and create a healthy energy flow between himself and his relationships with his lineage) green to help his broken heart over family stuff from long ago, and yellow for solar plexus. Yellow - he has the power to heal himself now. The frequency of healed now. Will it be instantaneous for this person? Idk. Maybe? But it’s a start:)

In One’s Element can help anyone get energy flowing and flushing, Channeling healthy pure Universal energy, opening the 3rd Eye to help you heal yourself more effectively and quickly through hands-on and distance Reiki and Hypnotherapy. If you feel like you need a little energy boost, have been on the healing path and feel like you’ve plateaued, give a call. Let us help you, help you:)

Commenter to you is sent Distance Reiki as I write this. I've been sending you as I sit and write this blog. I send you red, orange, yellow, green, Divine Light. I send you a soon recovery.

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