Faith in Fear - Esh, Let It Go.

Faith - As a child, I was taught to have Faith in Fear. Faith in Fear of consequences. The not knowing is quite powerful and scarey. It can be easy to get led by Fear. Even though it doesn’t feel better, it seems the most logical. Judgments, failings, consequences are all around us. All those things are pointed out to us on a daily basis. Dang, we don’t want to end up like That!! However, when the true path is followed it feels wonderful, free, calming, and flowing (use of yellow/Solar Plexus to have faith) and then dammit someone comes along and points out alll the things that can go wrong, and heaven forbid they have a sidekick that is validating all the awfulness that could happen if you do indeed follow your Heart and True Self.

Safety, and tribal (Earth energy) may begin to sway your Heart, but don’t do it!! Stay high in Universal energy! Stand up tall and lift yourself up towards your Soul Star, your Higher Self energy and soak it in. Swirl your hand about a foot above your head and breathe, now place your hands on your chest and breathe. Think blue, yellow, and green. Close your eyes and take just a moment.

Repeat - My voice is heard. My truth is love. I am the authority in my world. I am balanced in speaking and listening. I release doubt over things I have said or not said, done or have not done. And so it is.

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