Energy Work/Healing Work is Innate

We all do it, can do it, have done it. How many of you have banged your knee, stubbed your toe, stabbed yourself with a kitchen knife slicing a frozen bagel (well ok, maybe not everyone has done that:) What’s the first thing you do? Grab your ouchie and start breathing. Your kid falls down and skins their knee, what do you do? Kiss it, softly touch their ouchie, help them breathe, and tell them it will be ok. Consciously or unconsciously these scenarios involve energy work. People look at me as a guru. Guess what? I am. So are you:) We all come from the same place. We are all part of God, The Divine, Universe. I am no different from you in my abilities to heal. I just know how to implement. I know how easy it truly is. Energy work is so simple because it just is. The more complicated you make it the more complicated it seems to be. Keep your healing simple. An example… pick a pain in your body right now. For me, it is my right upper quadriceps (upper front of the right leg). All I have to do is take in a deep breath, exhale through my ouchie spot while saying to myself that the pain is gone. In an instant, the pain is gone. Does it come back? Yes, it does right now because I have gotten into a bad habit of posture, but at the same time… I can make the pain be gone. So can you:) You are a healer. You are your own healer. Is it nice to get outside help? Absolutely!! I do. My wonderful chiropractor points out about every other week my posture. I’ve begun to notice when I am standing in a way that does not serve my body well, am making corrections, and while I drive to and from, or while lying in bed, have started to work more and more energetically on the pain in my leg. You can too. You Have the Power!! Start using it:)

If you need a little help, a little push finding your power, we at In One’s Element are here to help! Hands-on and distant Reiki and Hypnotherapy to help regain your power and reprogram the brain for better physical and mental routines and patterns.

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