Brush Yourself Off

Thoughts after a workday... I work on plenty of bodies and energies that have relationship issues. Relationships with co-workers, immediate family, spouses... Fear of losing a relationship can wreak havoc on the body. Relationships are hard... Do not keep yourself in a situation out of fear. Life moves on. Don't let fear stand in the way. For those in it with a narcissist… It's funny and I don't know why (well lots and lots of theories for another day) certain people swoop in, strip away self-worth of others and then take off looking for their next meal, but it happens. It’s not you, it's them, and they’ve got their own issues. Get up. Brush yourself off. For the sake of your health, catch yourself being a victim and choose to be the person you’d like to be. Be the true you. Universal light you. Move forward through the fear and you’ll find it’s really not that scary. Open the door to fear with arms wide open and full of love.




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