Beat Around to John the Baptist

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I hope that everyone who reads my blogs understands that I am in no way an angel and spirit guide expert. I am humbly an expert in a few things. I am an expert at being a mother. I have 3 children ages 23, 17, and 4. I am an expert introvert. The spacing of my kiddos is a good clue. I do not make friends I make children. I am an expert empath. My practice of healing is the hint to that one (as well as the introvertedness:) I don't like being around people very much because I pick up on "who they truly are" and it tends to make them (the others) uncomfortable and intimidated, which complicates my introvertedness lol.

I was not brought up in any type of religion (back to not an expert on angels and guides). My dad was brought up Catholic, my mother Baptist. We did not go to church unless there was a grandmother involved. In my opinion, this has been a blessing. Over time my belief system has become very diverse and I think that has helped me to help others. I can tap in to just about anything.

I have been in the energy healing practice going on 25 years. For me energy is energy. You don't need a tool to bring it in, transfer, release, repel, we all have the power. It's there, available to all, everywhere. We all come from God, whatever the name. Let's name it Source. We all come from Source and all have the power of Source to do whatever. My belief is that our bodies/brains, along with a multitude of other conditions can, and do, prohibit us from the knowledge (or more so the belief) that we have the power of God and therefore, with that prohibition, do not tap into the energy like we can/could.

I say all of that to swing back around to angels and guides. I believe that the use of angels and guides are a tool. Just like crystals, herbs, oils, chants, etc., they are all tools that are not necessary. They can be helpful, but they are not needed. There are some who are gasping and shaking their heads right now. They are the ones who would probably consider themselves the experts and have more in-depth blogs on these different tools. My angel and guide blogs are written purely out of my own interpretation of the frequency I receive (and empathic ways) and pick up from them as I tap in mixed (usually) with my quirky sense of humor.

And now with that, I bring you John the Baptist. There's not a whole lot of info about the man, but here's some trivia. Who here knew that he was probably only about 6 months older than Jesus and that their mothers were related? I did not know this until recently. His mother, like Mary and Jesus, became miraculously pregnant with John, for she was barren. John did not go around healing people as Jesus did. He was more of a prepper. Not quite like today's preppers, but prepping people, making them aware of the Messiah and that the Messiah was on the way. John did what he could to get the people ready for what was to come.

John and I have something in common for he was a bit introverted. His father Zecharias was killed when John was very young so his mother took John and stole out into the desert to hide, get away. John enjoyed the solitude of the desert and did not seek out people to socialize, hang out, and preach. People sought him out. He naturally attracted people who wanted to hear what he had to say. As word got out, more people sought him out and he happily 'voiced of preparation for the arrival of God in the flesh' (Jn. 1:19-23) He was dipping people in the Jordon, doin' baptisms (including Jesus, which some say didn't make sense because Jesus was sinless, idk, it was a long time ago). Anyways, John was running around telling people of their sins and that they had better repent, talking about judgment, along with a slew of other things, making certain people very upset and uncomfortable until John the Baptist literally lost his head.

How Invoking John the Baptist can help You

John was obviously a man of profound faith. He was a caller of change. My angel book for dummies says that he invites you to celebrate your perfection and release the harsh judgments you have about yourself. He asks that you let go of your mind's limiting beliefs and embrace the wisdom that lies within your heart.

He is perfect to call upon when you are looking for a new beginning. Again, he is a prepper, so if you are needing strength and will power to detox your body, purify your thoughts, he is the one to call on. He will help you to prepare for a new life in body, mind, and spirit as you move to release old beliefs, patterns, and routines and move yourself to the higher calling that the Source/God part of you knows to be true.

My little side note about calling up this particular guide this week is the high coincidence that I just started a detox. I know, I know too funny. My life has changed drastically in the last year, especially in the last 4-5 months. As things have settled down it is time for me to detox, plan, and move on! Thank you, John, for showing up and giving me strength in the detoxification of my body and mind. Your frequency is a little bizarre and slightly confusing, but is welcomed:)

My angels and guides for dummies if interested:)

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